WTF is this commercial?!?

We see a big muscular black guy bench-pressing a barbell, and a little girl is standing beside him slurping a beverage through a straw. Her fingers are covering up half the label but if you look really close, you can briefly see the words “Mighty ???k.” I’m assuming it’s milk, but it’s really hard to tell.

The next thing we know, we hear this awful, horrible heaving/moaning/screaming sound coming from the little girl. We then see that she is lifting up a huge barbell. The sound she makes is extremely disturbing, like she’s being murdered or tortured. Then the commercial abruptly ends. No words on the screen, no announcer saying what the commercial is for.

It’s really strange! I’m assuming it’s supposed to be funny, and supposed to be for milk, but it’s not only confusing, but really disturbing - the sound the girl makes is really really disturbing, as in, creepy child molesters will probably get their jollies off it. It’s also very annoying.

Anyone else seen this?

It’s the new Animatronic RealDoll commercial. That little girl is a mannikin.

They have an animatronic version now? Guess it’s time for an upgrade.

This one?

It’s Shaq for Mighty Milk.

Oh come on, that’s cute. And it makes perfect sense. The milk made her strong.

Thanks for the link.

Nope, didn’t find it creepy. Sorry. My son has a weekly play date with a family of 3 boys (8, 5 & 2). They make sounds almost identical to that about 4 to 5 times / hour in the course of normal play. Usually superheroes or martial-arts based pretend play.

Thanks for that link! See, at the end of that commercial, it says, in big letters, “MIGHTY MILK.” So It makes sense. But the commercial I keep seeing does not have any such ending or explanation. So it’s weird…

Our cable company frequently cuts from national to local commercials at not quite the right time. There are some of which we’ve never seen the end, and some never the beginning. Perhaps yours is doing the same thing.

You’d think there would be penalties for doing that: They’re effectively preventing the companies paying them ad revenue from getting what they paid for.

That said, it would be really funny if one day, they just randomly intercut commercials to create a Dada orgy of consumerism.

That’s what I thought at first, but it happens every single time, and I’ve seen it dozens of times. So it seems to be on purpose.

I still think it’s creepy, the way that girl is moaning and screaming… :dubious: