Creepy new "Got Milk?" commercial

It shows a woman in her kitchen reaching for a fast food drink when she suddenly begins to spaz out. She falls to the floor and HER SKELETON RIPS ITSELF OUT OF HER BODY (from where I don’t want to imagine) and goes to the fridge to get some milk. The skeleton drinks the milk (which we apparently have to believe despite the fact that there’s nowhere for the milk to go). There’s a quick shot of her flattened husk lying on the floor rolling one eyeball up and her tongue is hanging out.

Is Stephen King writing commercials now?

I think I saw that super late one night. Truly hellish.
Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of got milk commercials?

Awwon Buwwh!
… Awwohn Buhwnh?
!@(*@!#!@#! AWWWON BUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!#(!@#!!!

… awwon buwh

That sounds like a really nifty ad.

That being said, it skeeves me when the dairy industry keeps blowing the “drink milk for healthy bones” note.

For one thing, while milk contains calcium, it lacks vitamin K, which is necessary in combination with calcium for healthy bones. Vitamin K is found in that other source of calcium, green leafy veggies.

For another thing, milk is high in saturated fats.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for milk. I loves me my creamy soups and cheesecake and all that. It just bothers me to see it pushed as a healthy beverage. It may have an edge over cola (once in a while) but if you’re regularly drinking milk (and you’re not an infant) you’re very likely doing yourself more harm than good.


Oh, here’s a nice balanced page about the pros and cons of milk as a calcium source, for anyone who cares.

As an aside, I’d just like to say that stately pump buck mulligan is the best SD screen name I’ve seen in a long while.

Plump! Plump, dammit!

Tunderin’ jaysus, what will he think? Eesh.

I am confused by your stated position, given the information in the site that you listed. The site clearly states that milk is at the worst a decent source of calcium. It lists a few risks for some populations, and indicates that Vitamin K is also required. It states that the “best” source of calcium has not really been determined.

And you go from there to it has an EDGE over a drink composed entirely of sugar and caffeine? Once in a while? Regularly drinking milk doing more HARM than good?

Sorry, if you are going to spout misinformation like that, back it up. If you want to argue ethics of keeping cows captive and feeding them hormones to keep them producing milk, etc, fine. But stating that milk is not healthy? Pure propaganda.

By the way, skim milk is not high in saturated fats. Having, as it does, almost none.

Larry, you know I love you, but this statement is absurd. Why do I say this? Because my physician whom I know and trust and who went to school for years and years and years tells me that I should drink lots of milk. Good, yummy, skim milk.

So I do. And unless you can provide ANY sort of good cite for more harm than good you should probably just take your non-milk drinking self away and go have a cola, and I’ll go shwank my moo juice. :slight_smile:

Here’s the Skeleton ad

Damien’s “Got Milk” go to “TV” on the menu

Here’s a full description of the spot

I should have been clearer – by “once in a while” I meant that occassionally drinking milk is better than drinking pop, but drinking milk to quench your thirst (or drinking several glasses a day because you think it’s “good for your bones”) is unhealthy. Not that “once in a while” milk is is objectively better than soda pop, which is all crap all the time.

A long-time friend used to chide me constantly about my coffee drinking. For decades. He was a big milk fan, and he used to say that every time I felt the urge to drink a cup of coffee, I should reach for the milk jug instead. Well, that sounded find when we were in our early twenties. Since then, his weight ballooned, he had two heart attacks, and he has chronic stomach troubles. His doctor adviced him to lay off the milk, and he’s taken the weight off, but he still struggles with Crohn’s disease.

Now, I know that coffee drinking has health risks associated with it – but I don’t drink it because a Coffee Ad Council has brainwashed me into thinking that I’m doing my body a favour by swilling it.

I want to argue nothing of the sort. As I said:

It’s just that the amount of fat in milk makes it an pretty unhealthy choice as a regular thirst-quencher.

Yeah, I’m gonna have a smoothie once in a while. Or Lassi. Or nice hot cup of creamy cocoa. Or maybe even a freakin’ milkshake. But I’m not going to reach for the milk jug every time I’m thirsty, and believe that I’m making a healthy choice – although that’s exactly what the Dairy Council would have us believe. After all, their mandate is to sell as much milk as possible, not to keep aging women’s hips intact.

Wanna avoid osteoporosis and heart disease? (Or just avoid the big caboose?) Eat your broccoli. Or take a supplement.

Okay, the descriptions I read here were much more disgusting than the actual commercial. But it was still gross. What the fuck?

Protein. Skim milk goooooooood.

Again…hello? Skim milk?

Whoops, I ignored alice. Got carried away blushing at looking at the floor after that declaration of love, I guess. (Shucks.)

Yummy skim milk? Do people really drink that stuff? I never would have believed it. I’m a Homo man, myself.* Of course, none of my doomsaying applies to skim milk.

Round these parts, though, skim milk is often confused with American beer, (or sex in a canoe.)

*Before any of you wags say anything, (or get your hopes up) I’ll point out that I’m just more comfortable with that ambiguity than with that of “homogenized,” which has far more negative connotations in my book.


Damn it!

I just came back from a smoke-break out back, where I observed the recycling bin full o’ milk jugs. A quick survey reveals (2) 2% containers, (2) 1% containers and (1) skim container. (Belonging, presumably, to the 5 folks I share the house with.)

When I buy milk, I buy Homo, or light cream – because the skim stuff seems nasty to me, ever since I was a kid – just a way to ruin perfectly good Cap’n Crunch. I have been projecting my tastes on the general population, when it seems like most people naturally try to avoid liquid fat, if my household is any indicator.

Sorry for the hijack an’ all.

Holy crap, that was an awesome commercial.

Needed more blood, though. I mean, Jesus, every time I’ve seen someone’s skeleton crawl out of their body, there’s been blood. And a couple internal organs. Ha ha, one time, this one guy’s skeleton trailed his intestine halfway across the restaurant…

Skim milk is all I drink, and not just for the health benefits. I can’t stand the taste of whole milk.

Reminds me of an old joke:

A skeleton walks into a bar and says. “Gimme a beer… and a mop!”

It’s okay, I’m getting used to it.

Come on folks, even whole milk is only 3.5% goddam fat. Of that, only just over half is saturated. When did 3.5% become “high fat”?

Remember, in today’s advertising world that’s “98% free from saturated fat!” :smiley:

The only part of this description that had me anticipating something worth objecting to was your all-caps phrase “HER SKELETON RIPS ITSELF OUT OF HER BODY,” which is an extremely inaccurate description. Your description–RIPS–suggests the tearing of flesh, and the accompanying bloodbath that would entail. No such thing happens. In fact, we don’t see anything at all, due to a strategically placed camera.

Not nearly as horrific as you’d led me to believe.

Just because you don’t see doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Sue me.