30 Day Song Challenge, number 20: a song that you listen to when you're angry

When I’m angry I don’t have the inclination to listen to music, but a GOOD one to play when you’re mad at someone WOULD be: Motorhead - No Class.

Easy. When I’m pissed off, I usually think the whole world is a bunch of lunatics, hence it’s one of my husband’s favorite jams… Red Rider’s “Lunatic Fringe.”


I have all my music on random play; I don’t choose it based on my mood. But if I did, it might be this.

"Not Now John" by Pink Floyd

Work safe warning…and it don’t get angrier than this.

BTW, another good ‘mad at an individual’ pick that I’d post if I could have found a decent non-cover/live video of it…“Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan.

Back when I was in sales, when I was having a bad sales day, I’d play this:

Albert Collins - Brick

The studio version, anyway.

These days, I generally try to find something more mellow to calm me, rather than embrace the anger.

Hair of the Dog


I hadn’t heard Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of” in a long time, but it came on the radio the other day and immediately brought back all my teenage angst.

Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction

I’m pretty much always angry, but I had to pick one.

Here’s an angry one: Current 93 “Jesus Wept”

Play it at high volume and scare the neighbors.

Mudhoney - If I Think

I don’t, but if I did, it would be the second opening to the show Death Note.

Death Note Opening

The angriest song I know, tho only applicable to a certain set of rather specific conditions:

Nightwish, Master Passion Greed

I listen to the soundtrack of juice, since it gets angry from the first track

We gonna break, we gonna bash
We gonna roll, we gonna smash
We gonna break, we gonna bash
We gonna roll, we gonna smash

It’s reassuring that some of you also don’t get angry but mad. And madder.

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

AC DC - Hells Bells
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

Bully by Shinedown.

Iris Dement’s Wasteland of the Free - whenever I think of today’s politicians.


Gosh…of all the 80 trillion punk/hc/metal tunes to choose from…

I’ll spin my 4-mile-diameter anger wheel and come up wwwwwiiiiiith…

“I’ll Never Forget You” - Husker Du https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogHIUNfu2vY

If all my teams are all doing shitty all on the same day, though:

“Behold Judas” - Hate Eternal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zw7BswDil8

The Real Me - The Who. Really, really loud.

I’m another that doesn’t particularly desire to hear music when I’m pissed off, but pretty much anything by Sex Pistols does make you want to thrash around and hurt someone (in a good way!)

David “don’t call me Dave” Draiman of Disturbed always sounds angry so listening to something like Stupify can whip one up into a lather.

Guess I didn’t really answer the question. No soup for me!

“Irish” by Tonic. It’s a very angry song and the 1/4 of me that is Irish loves shouting along to the line “I won’t fight for England!!”