30 Days 7/13

I’ve wanted to give 30 Days a try since it started airing, but prior to last night I’d always forgotten it was on Wednesday night and could never catch it in repeats.

Although all the previous episodes sounded more interesting, I enjoyed it. I wish they would have given us more information about the Dancing Bunny eco-village. Did any of the inhabitants have jobs outside the village? They were shown doing chores relating to its maintenance, but they appeared to have limited means of transportation out of it and I can’t remember anyone talking about outside employment. Did all of them live there permanently, or did people cycle in and out?

I liked getting to see the guests adjust, or not, to life there. I felt for Vito-I would have been craving meat like crazy too.

I had to leave for the last few minutes. At the end, did it show whether any lasting impact had been made on them? I could completely picture Vito forgetting all about changing his light bulbs once he got back to the land of SUVs, flush toilets and abundant steaks.

The dancing rabbit website: http://www.dancingrabbit.org/30Days.php

I thought it was interesting, although it focused way too much on the vegan stuff considering that wasn’t really the point. The rules didn’t say they couldn’t eat meat.

It always amazes me when the hippies get mad when people use perfume and other things that, to them, smell bad. As the woman last night pointed out, the hippies stunk of B.O., so where do they get off bitching about perfume? I think perfume is a better smell than B.O. and butt funk, but I guess that’s why I don’t live on the dancing rabbit commune.

Yeah, I wonder why it is in those eco-friendly places, that all the people are a bunch of skinny hippies. Surely some other group also enjoys cleaning up the environment. That one girl who told the chick she couldn’t wear perfume was bitchy as hell. She seemed incredibly stuck up.

Overall, I thought that the two of them could definitely stand to cut down on their intake of fuels and such. But I thought they were pretty well-behaved, considering what they were up against. The exception was when Vito ate that steak in front of the vegans. That was pretty rude. Sure, they have bad taste in food, but it is their house. He should have eaten it outside.

I did think the guy who helped him cook the steaks looked awfully happy to have meat in front of him. haha. Poor guy, all that vegan pressure.

B.O. and butt funk, as you so delicately put it, Renob, :wink: are human smells. They’re natural. Before our society became over-scrubbed and scented, people smelled those smells every day and thought nothing of it at all. What’s unnatural is to smell like floral bouquets or strawberries.

I’m not trying to preach at you, just pointing out that our intolerance for human scents is a product our society and many years of clever advertising telling us we stink. I do not smell like B.O. and butt funk. I am over-scrubbed and scented just like everyone else and today I smell like Hawaiian ginger.

I think it was more the point that members of the community were allergic to the perfumes that she was using. I am allergic to heavily flowery perfumes too. I can synpathize with that view. I don’t really care for BO and Butt Funk either. There is definitely a happy medium when it comes to body scents.

I liked the part when Crunchy-Granola Cecil suddenly produced an half gallon of commercially produced vodka for his little party with Johari. Doesn’t that violate the organic-low-environmental-impact products credo? I would have thought he would have distilled it from their own potatoes in a bio-diesel powered still or something.

Just because they come from humans doesn’t mean I want to smell them.

A lot of stuff is natural. Malaria, for instance. Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good.

Yes, and they also lived in filth, had poor health, and died young. Progress has generally alleviated this conditions. It has also alleviated the condition that people need to stink.

Again, so what? You say “unnatural” like it’s a bad thing. It’s “unnatural” to live in houses, drive cars, wear cotton for clothes, brush one’s teeth, cook food, etc. To label something “unnatural” means nothing.