30 days at sea aboard a container ship - very cool timelapse footage

Looking ahead through all kinds of weather, night and day. Coming into port in Hong Kong, near the end, is maybe my favorite sequence.

This was really cool; thanks for sharing.

Brilliant ! They should all do it… there’s a demand for that sort of thing.
(It’s called “Slow TV” afaik.)

I enjoyed the nighttime portions. I never really thought about it, but obviously a ship at sea is the farthest one can get from the light pollution of urban areas.

I liked it. I don’t like much these days, so well done.

That was very nice, I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing

Yes, thanks for sharing. That was really neat.

Slow TV is typically live webcams. So you’re seeing real life at real speed. Not 30 days in 10 minutes.

Here’s a typical rail cam from Missouri

And one from Southern California

There are a few at busy urban passenger rail stations in UK or Europe that are quite a sight during the morning and evening rush; an insane string of short trains crissing and crossing a sea to tracks and switches.

Thanks so much for this. I especially loved the starry skies and the loading/unloading of cargo.

That was very cool. Guy could stand to upgrade to a waterproof camera though.

So it’s slow TV sped up !
Either way, it’s really neat.

Funny you picked La Plata. I sometimes put that on my TV for a “window on the world” view. Good train action, and the sound is good. Plus they have Amtrak service. Twice a day, pre-Covid.

I’d like to see a time-lapse Panama Canal transit. Probably out there. Too lazy to look.

I’m not. Panama Canal - Full Transit- Time Lapse - YouTube

One of my Bucket list things to do.

Thanks for that, TSSR! Very cool indeed.

I wonder if one could book passage in one of those ships and just travel, it would certainly be an interesting experience.

Pre-COVID there were a small number of container ships that carried a few passengers each. Definitely an unusual and off-the-beaten-path way to travel.

A google for [container ship travel] can get you started reading all about it.

This seems to be an approachable intro to the basics.

Cool!, I’ll take a look.

That was a restful few minutes watching that. Thanks

I another thread, I posted this link to a company that can book you passage on a container ship:


Nothing available right now due to COVID, but they’re optimistic for the second half of 2021.

That was rather lovely.

The most striking thing was neither the mode of transport nor the medium of travel, For me the star of the show was the sky. The glorious expanses of colour and light were dazzling. The mundanity of the ship and the sea just served to accentuate the real show-stopper.

The music was a good choice too although I’d also approve of Eno or Tangerine Dream.