Amazing video of Norwegian train journey.

If you’re a train buff, or just a fan of beautiful scenery, this might be of interest.

The Bergensbanen is a train line in Norway that travels between the coastal town of Bergen and the capital Oslo. Recently, the line celebrated its 100th anniversary, and some Norwegian film-makers sat a camera in the front of the train and filmed the whole seven-and-a-half-hour journey. It played on Norwegian television on November 27.

The whole video is now available for download (free and legal) via bittorrent. It’s in high def, with a resolution of 1280x720, and the file of the complete journey is a whopping 22Gb, but if you’ve got the time and the bandwidth, and you’re into this sort of thing, it really is beautiful to watch.

You can download the full video fom the link on this page. Obviously, you’ll need a bittorrent client to get it.

If you want to check out the quality of the video without committing to a 22Gb file, scroll down the page and check out the high-def version of the embedded YouTube clip, which is about 10 minutes long and about 180Mb.

I think this would be awesome to have playing on a screen or a wall at a party.

ETA: Wasn’t sure if this should go in CS or MPSIMS. Mods can move it if they want.