30 Rock/30 Rock: 22 April 2010 (open spoilers)

NBC’s giving us two new episodes of 30 Rock tonight.

Funny as usual, but I was distracted by the fact that Liz’s party was on a Friday at the end of a work week. Did TGS change timeslots?

ETA: Aaand just noticed the mention of 2 new episodes. For all I know this was addressed in the 8:30 ep that I didn’t see.

I always get a laugh out of this show… much more than the Office, at least.

Loved the “black Disney princess” and “There hasn’t been a white Disney princess since 91”! It’s funny because it’s true!

Hated the Khonani plot though, it’s old news that was repeatedly being bashed over the viewers’ heads with “Hey look, we’re making fun of NBC even though this show is show on the network! Look how edgy and meta we are being!” Ugh.

There were two new episodes? Darn, I only caught the second one. I’ll be glad when FlashForward is cancelled so I don’t have the problem of three of my shows airing at once.

They’re usually on hulu after 24 hours or so.

That was odd. Even if TGS was moved to Saturday they’d still be way too busy to have a party on a Friday night. And Jack did mention the date as being “April 22nd” this year, but was the party that night or the next? :confused: Then again Liz did throw the party at the very last minute just to prove she wasn’t a bitter funkilling spinster.

I liked the brainstorm for Twofer’s new nickname.
“Kanye East!”
“Threefer 'cuz he’s also gay!”

i love those listed, throwaway jokes that writers just seem to have too much fun with. maybe the SDMB can come up with more.

P Witty
Blando Calrissian
Bilbo Blackins
Negro Calrissian
Sean Queenston

I love the way Tracy trumped Liz’s complaint by mentioning his wife’s medical problem.

When she asks if there’s something she can do to help he says something like,
“actually yes, can you go to my house and take care of her like a husband?”

I love that Tracey ended up at a strip club with the peanut butter sandwich.

And that he learned all the different racist terms for African American, then yelled them throughout the show.

Did you guys catch the Conan/Leno parody with “Konani” the janitor?

Took me a minute to figure out what they were doing with it, once Jack deliberately called the guy Konani, but then I realized they were starting out at the beginning of Conan’s time on the Tonight Show, not the end.