30 Rock Series Finale (spoilers as it airs)

It’s tonight from 8-9 PM and I’m looking forward to it.

I want to go to there! Got my sandwich all planned out.

Just put the potato chips on it and you’re all set.

I’ll watch on DVR and check in later. I think this season has been kind of up and down because they’re trying to resolve the plot arcs of so many characters, but I thought last week’s episode was close to perfect.

I just got my slanket out of the dryer.

With the way last week’s episode seemed to wrap so many storylines up, I wonder if they’ll do something like jump ahead into the future - or maybe parody several different famous series finales.

I only wish Mother Donaghy had lived to see this episode. Otherwise it’s time to go- it jumped the shark a while back and besides that it’s time for Tracy Morgan to go broke.

Speaking of, Liz and Criss- not sure if I believe them as a couple. (And while she’s a lot more successful than he is financially, what other than that does he see in her? She’s neurotic, self absorbed, shrill, and doesn’t appreciate she’s with a guy who looks amazingly like Jason Marsden.)

One thing we do know about the finale, and I’ll spoiler this even though it’s been in the news:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi makes a guest appearance and calls Jack Donaghy “an economic war criminal.”

I’m hoping they don’t plan to undo the ending for that particular character.

Someone needs to go back and pause the screen to see Kenneth’s “no-no” list of words for TV shows on NBC. I would not be surprised if it is a list that comprises unusual adjectives/concepts that have actually lead to successful shows on networks.

“Shut your chin slit”


He pissed off Baldwin.

Wow, they got Conan to appear on NBC again. Good for them.

“Now I’ll never lose it!”

When she went online in the first scene was she on The Straight Dope?

So it just kind of ended. No huge finale moments, really. A pretty good episode.

I thought the last three minutes were the best. The rest, rather meh, and I’m a fan.

“The night is young and neither are you.”

Blimpies— what’s the opposite of product placement?

Conan was rather noticeably green-screened into the elevator sequence.

Yeah, I immediately noticed that too! Don’t know if it was just scheduling or if Conan really didn’t want to set foot on NBC property.

And I also immediately knew where they were going when the building turned into a snow globe (the infamous St. Elsewhere finale). And I guess Kenneth really is immortal…

I thought that the first half-hour was much funnier than the second. We settled the whole Jack and Liz love each other business several episodes ago when they shared a bed. Jenna’s true love being her mirror - now that’s comedy.

Here is the list of words on Kenneth’s list.

Shows about shows
Justin Bartha
New York
High concept
Immortal characters