No Thread for 30 Rock!!

With the beautiful Tina Fey.

Am I the only one watching this?

I thought it was a decent episode. Not the best, but it had moments. (Alec Baldwin considering how far he’d have to be sexually harassed to get his job back after Mrs. Geiss touched him in his “Swimsuit Area”.)

I thought the adoption subplot was a little sitcommy. Donaghy taking the mailroom job without hesitating, and his absolutely positive enthusiasm for working his way back up again, was hilarious. And I loved Will Arnett stumbling out of the bushes in Central Park without his shoes on.

Megan Mullally was funny, but I don’t think a parade of super guest stars is that great an idea. Especially if they play themselves. I don’t really need more Oprah jokes in my life.

I loved that Jack got two promotions in the course of one morning – three, if you count being Kathy’s new business advisor. Also loved Jack and Liz doing Kathy’s fantasy soap right down to, but not including, the kisskisskiss.

My cable was acting up a little, so I missed a few lines, plus my husband has this annoying habit of talking to me when he comes home from band practice. (The nerve!) So I’m going to have to go back and rewatch online. I too am not impressed with the lineup of guest stars, except I am interested to see what they’ll do with Steve Martin. (I loved Isabella Rossellini.)

I am a sucker for the pacing and approach - and the simple fact that it was back - so I loved it…

They are doing the Guest Star thing too much in a bid for ratings - not unlike many popular shows that have jumped the shark and are trying to pump their ratings back up (lesbian kiss on Friends? The bulk of Will and Grace’s last couple of seasons?)…I have no problem if they keep their Funny going. I have heard their use of Oprah is more left-field than we’d expect which leaves me hoping…

i think most of us watched it last week. i thought it was great as usual.

Jack and Kathy Geiss was priceless. Saw the bit about re-enacting a soap coming a mile away but it was still funny. C’mon Alec, just kiss her. You’ve done worse.

The main adoption storyline was indeed Overdone Sitcom Plot #46. But the background character stuff was pretty good. Frank really did change his hat. (Just happened to have the same word on it.)

Not much Tracy which helps.

Megan Mullally. Ugh. Hate, hate, hate this supposed actress. While guest stars have usually been a plus for this show, they overdo it. The upcoming ones don’t look good.

Sold the “E” to Samsung. Now’re they’re “Samesung”.


An okay episode - I actually liked the finale of last season better.

Megan Mullallyis an Emmy winning (w/ multiple nominations) for her role as Karen Walker on “Will & Grace”. She also had her own short-lived daytime talk show a year or so back.

Megan Mullaly is probably considered a huge guest star by the NBC marketing people because of Will and Grace, but if you never saw W&G, you have no idea who she is.

The same does not apply to Jennifer Aniston, Oprah or Steve Martin. Which is what makes them huge guest stars.

Ah, I thought the adoption woman looked vaguely familiar but, no, I wasn’t a Will and Grace fan.

My favorite scene:

Liz Lemon: Kenneth, it is imperative that you get to Jack right away. Do you know what “imperative” means?

Kenneth (excitedly): Tell me! Tell me!

Ha! I completely missed the deeper meaning of that joke.

Then you are not one of those who wished the show was “Jack, Karen, and Rosario.” She, Sean Hayes, and Shelley Morrison were the only funny people on the show.

My reaction to her is always, “There’s that lady from that show I never watched.”

Alec Baldwin was in top form, of course. I’m still periodically cracking up over his deadpan delivery talking about “working the day shift at a graveyard and the graveyard shift at a Days Inn.”

I laughed when Frank promised to only use his gold nunchucks for good. And later when he planted them on the adoption agency woman after knocking her out.

And the part when Jack and Liz were reassuring each other that they weren’t really bad people.