30 Rock - 02/02/07

Anyone else watch tonight’s show? Man, I just about died laughing a couple of times. I just loved PeeWee Herman as the Baron. The tiny plastic hand was a nice touch. Very surreal.

This show is just great.

The Rosellini/Fey fight scene should have been much longer and filmed from another angle.

Damn, Tina was *smoking *tonight.

She was uncommonly lovely, yes. That dress was stunning on her.

Where was Rachel Dratch? I didn’t see any character that could have been her.

I’m really not liking Jane Krakowski. She’s a fine comic actress, but she belongs in another show, one with broader characters and dumber situations. I think she brings down the level of the comedy in every scene she’s in.

I agree about Jane Krakowski. They should replace her with SNL’s Amy Poehler, IMO.

This show is my new favorite. How much do I love Alec Baldwin in this?

That tiny plastic hand just killed me. I kind of have to believe Gerhardt could have afforded to buy a new one.

You mean like a show that features characters like an anemic baron with a tiny plastic hand, “no joint fluid” and an eyebrow that falls off? Or a character that hallucinated a small blue blob person? Or a show where Elizabeth Taylor showed up and beat a man with a fire extinguisher?

I think the show gets pretty damn broad and wierd and has some dumb situations but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damn funny.

Point taken, and yet, Krakowski still just doesn’t work for me.

Remember that movie Footloose, when all those evil teenagers won at the end?

Good stuff.

Hey, any chance to see Isabella Rosellini gets full marks from me! This is my favorite and IMHO funniest ep so far.

Absolutely! I nearly lost it at the fight, and I love to see PeeWee anytime (well, except sitting next to me at the porno theater). Alec Baldwin just gets better and better, and I’m liking Kenneth* also.

  • “Within five years we’ll either all be working for him or dead by his hand”

I saw the promos, and was prepared for a fight, but the way it played out made me feel a little funny in the pants. I think it was actually the perfect length. It was just a quick “What the hell?” and then they moved on.

I also liked the Tracy Morgan plot, so he’s back up to .500 (I’ve only seen four episodes, one of which had the line, “Yeah that’s right. I steal dogs”). The two heads in the bathroom vents was a great bit.

Easily the funniest of the Must See lineup last night. I hated Krakowski on Ally McBeal but I think she’s very funny here and gets as much mileage as possible from a seriously underdeveloped role. The Pretty Woman reference was funny, and Paul Reubens was a riot (“He’s trying to wink at you”). No Rachel Dratch, but Will Forte was there.

I like Krakowski (loved last night’s line about only flashing one breast because “this isn’t the White House”). One of the great things about this series is that it’s got a deep cast beyond just the leads.

It WAS Paul Reubens - we were back and forth on that. It looks just like him - it can’t be him - he’s pushing 50 - oh yeah, totally him, etc.

Funny show - we don’t watch it often, but I think we might have to start. My favourite moment (amongst many) - Alec says, “You’ll have to start hanging out with a better class of people.” and they cut back to the comedy writers or whatever they were, and they’re both standing there squirting water on each other’s crotches. Comedy gold, man. :smiley:

Agreed. I laughed my ass of at Earl, then was mildly amused* by The Office and Scrubs, then busted a gut over 30 Rock. Loved the final gag, with Alec Baldwin opening Lemon’s door again to say:

“I’ve been with Martha Stewart, and her daughter.”

I had to rewind three times to catch the “Gross” line from Fey because I was laughing so hard.

*Similar to how I find Arrested Development.

I also love the little delayed-gratification jokes that they do on the show. Like the line that went something like this:

“She’s much smarter than the last girl you had. What was her name again?”

And of course…

“Okay, I’ll do it. But that doesn’t mean I’ll like it.”
“That’s what your mother said to me last night.”

And I couldn’t believe they got away with this joke in prime-time:

"What’s the difference between your mama and a washing machine?

If you drop a load in a washing machine, it doesn’t follow you around for the rest of the week."

Other great lines:

“Most people would be angry about the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt - he’s too busy trying to stave off infection.”

“Gerhardt, would you like to dance?”
“Sadly, because my body does not produce joint fluid, I cannot.”

Kenneth: “Do you remember the movie footloose, where those EVIL kids won in the end?”

“The Hapsburg line has ended! You can pick up your gift bags at the coat check.”

“When Gerhardt was born, the doctor told his mother and cousin that he’d either live for 15 minutes, or 100 years. Boy, he proved them all wrong!”

I can’t stand little hands.