30 Rock (11/12)

I am surprised there is no thread for the funniest show on TV.

Another great episode, if you ask me.

Lesbian Souryellowfruit

I love this show with all my heart, but I found it a weak episode. Even the off-the-wall Tracy Jordan one-liners didn’t have their usual zing. I do like how Jack looks out for Liz, but I was kind of surprised at what a big softie he was this episode.

A comparatively weak episode, but some good moments- the continuity thing in the beginning, Lesbian Yellow Sourfruit, “The Problem”, Liz’s agent, and it never hurts to have a little Padma Lakshmi in anything.

“I gave you that car I won” is one of the saddest things I ever heard a character say on television.

I really loved this episode. Few and Baldwin have such ridiculous chesmitry together I just automtically smile when thye are in a scene together.

Combined with the look on the blonde girls face, I agree.

I liked the new guy in the Canadian football movie - “All right hosers! I want all 12 of us fighting for every meter on all 3 downs! We’re gonna make this the Boxing day the Prime Minister will never forget!”

I loved all the Canadian jokes and how Kenneth made the new guy realize he was an ACTOR because he finally said “about” like “a bout” instead of “a boot.”

I loved Liz setting herself on fire and her and Jack running to each other.

Padma was great and I usually don’t like non-actor cameos on other shows. They work on 30 Rock

Brian Williams was killing me. KILLING ME!!!

So I’m a little confused. Is the new guy the robot that Jack wanted Liz to hire?

Yeah, and they didn’t even know his real name was Jack until he came in and introduced himself. And then Jack changed his name to Danny, because there can only be one Jack.

He mentioned the silver paint and performing for change and stuff.

I think I was confused because Jack asked if they got the guy he wanted, and Liz said with exasperation “No, we don’t know anything about that guy. We don’t even know his name” or whatever.

The new guy is Jack’s robot, yes.

I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen Brian Williams since last week’s episode (“Fuggeddaboudit!”).

I thought they were going to do something clever with the ‘aboot’ joke but they didn’t, so that was a bit disappointing. If anything, they’ve featured more, better Canadian jokes in episodes without a Canadian character!

I really like Kenneth’s weird lines:

“Who said I’ve been alive for ever”?

I can’t stand her on Top Chef so I started out cringing but I think she did a fine job.

I really liked the “Sports Shouting” show, b/c I have always been baffled by the popularity of “Around the Horn” on ESPN. Here’s a capture of some of the sports news items in the text crawlers at the bottom.

Favorite line:
“Do I look OK?”
“That’s exactly how you look!”

In an earlier episode he referred to a parrot he’s had for 60 years.

Favorite lines:

“What’s up you long tall drink of bitch!?” (to Brooke Hogan)

“It’s the blue eyes on the black stripper that make you special”

“Yes… embrace your anger…”
Does anybody know if Cheyenne Jackson is going to be a regular? (Him pretty.)

Towards the end of the show when the cast was trying to appease Kenneth, it reminded of the classic Twilight Zone episode "It’s a Good Life. And then Tracy asked for a waffle pizza and Anthony…I mean Kenneth made it happen!