30 Rock; 21 Jan '10 (open spoilers)

Road trip! :slight_smile:

Two meta scenes and we’re only 15 minutes in!

Kevin Meaney! How I’ve missed you.

Slow Thursday.

Man, that was not funny. At all.

But I missed something- in Jack’s Boston office, he mentions that there are 7 differences from his NYC office, & tells Lemon to try to find them. She turns enthusiastically and smiles at the security camera in the corner, then the camera cuts back and her conversation with Jack continues. What was the point of that?

This Jack and Nancy storyline is going on for too long. It’s steering the ship, adds nothing to Jacks character and my guess is there will be no payoff.

I’m surprised Liz didn’t get her comeuppance placing the blame on Dale Snitterman. Especially since Jack revealed that Dale was a real person so early in the episode.

So you could pause it and find them.

I don’t need to see any more of Julianne Moore. I’m with Richie. Salma Hayek was hot and they had chemistry together; I see no chemistry with Julianne.

I liked this episode quite a bit. Tracey getting into a fight with John Hancock was hilarious. “What? You dont use an office relocation service?” line was great. Not their best episode but it had all the elements that work for the show.

The Jullian Moore thing obviously isnt going anywhere. She’s too big of a star to be tied down to a TV show, so she’s going to disappear like Hayek did. I think this is fine. I like the idea of Jack hooking up with a new actress every season. Unfortunately, this show is aging, and I dont see what else they can do with Jack without significantly cutting his screen time. Im always surprised at how good of a comedic actor Baldwin is when his dramatic acting is so-so.

>Kevin Meaney! How I’ve missed you.

Wow, was that Hancock? I havent seen that guy in years.

Liz wasn’t smiling at the security camera, Tiny Fey was smiling at the 30 Rock camera. Almost Arrested Developesque.

It was alright. Sort of unusual in that the Tracey character had the best bit.

Impeach George W Washington!

Gotcha. So we’re supposed to enterain ourselves by doing a Where’s Waldo between their two set pieces, since the show itself wan’t up to their usual high standards?


No, you’re supposed to laugh at their nod to internet nerds who obsessively pore every every details of the shows they watch and congregate the next day to discuss their findings and register their disgust.

:looks at camera:

BTW, we were laughing out loud (man I wish there was a shorter way of writing that) at the seen with Kenneth and Cerie go to Nancy’s house as poetnetial buyers. Especially when Cerie says, “I’m from Britain.” with no attempt at sounding British.

It was “office duplication service,” which is funnier than relocation.

I was hoping they would connect the fact that Kevin had already been to the house when he and Jack broke in (maybe "you look like the guy on my screensaver).

Not up to their usual standard, but that standard is rather high and I was still laughing out loud.

Kenneth:smack: It was fun to see him pissed off.

I would!..N’T!

That whole scene was hilarious.

…Juliane Moore makes me smile… a lot… They can keep her on the show for as long as they want.

I liked this episode. Kevin Meaney really was good in this.