30 Rock 12/10

Thought this was one of their better episodes recently.

New cast member: “I’m a little worried, I haven’t been on the show in the last two weeks.” :wink: And how excited he was to figure out saracm.

Kenneth, showing all the holiday decorations “And here’s a picture of Obama for the Muslims…”
Tracey: “I’ll let that slide.”:smiley:

Me too, though Moore’s Bah-stan accent grated on me for a while. I liked the competitive gift exchange, and Jack’s reputation for awesome presents: “He got my sister out of a North Korean prison!”

I like Danny, I hope he stays, if only for the Canadian jokes.

I think I missed something while I was working in the kitchen. Why did Danny’s voice suck when he went to do his duet?

Agree it was a good episode though.

It was his gift to whatsername, to let her shine.

He threw threw his part of the duet to make Jenna the star after hearing her sob story. She is really a very dislikable person.


Yeah, she gave him the stinkeye near the end when he forgot and began singing on-key.

I’m wondering if they did that as a nod to Alec Baldwin’s horrible Boston accent (NSFW, language) in “The Departed”.

I’m guessing that it was. I seem to remember Jack having a throwaway line about doing a terrible Boston.

Nancy (Julianne Moore’s character): You know how hard it is to get teenagers out of bed in the morning.
Jack: Yes, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

Even trying to throw a song you can tell Cheyenne Jackson has a great voice.

“Is that a nosebleed?”
“From being so happy… definitely not a rage stroke.”
Was the reference to Wharfer or Wolper or [something]er Cap & Gown where they used to shoot BB guns being torn down for a park Boston in joke?

As a Canadian Jew, I found some parts a bit off-putting.

Is that sarcasm? I can’t tell because the Canadian and the Jew seem to cancel each other out.

I actually didn’t get this. Someone explain it to me.

Jack has sex with 18 year-olds and can’t get them to leave the following morning.

Ah; makes sense. Thanks.


I think just the idea that Boston is the only city that would have enough demand for its own cap & gown factory.



I am inordinately fond of the exclamation, “What the what?!”

I love Liz Lemon’s Malapropisms of Frustration.