30 Rock: Jane Krakowski is seriously hot

I’ve only seen her in the Kelsey Grammer musical version of A Christmas Carol, where she played the Ghost of Christmas Past. Serious lustage occured. That woman is HAWT!

That girl is so pretty that I cannot remember anything that she has ever said or her name. All the blood rushes away from my brain every time I see her.

And Betty White as SueAnn Niven on the Mary Tyler Moore show played the insane narcissist better. But Krakowski is pretty damn good at being differently maddening than Tracy Morgan’s character.

Well, if you compared the two Bettys. Actually, Elizabeth Taylor (at her age now) looks better in a loincloth than O’Donnel. But if I had a choice, I’d seriously share a cave with Krakowski.

I vividly recall a scene in Ally McBeal where she drops her dress and is wearing skimpy green lingerie.

Is that on YouTube?

I remember watching her in National Lampoon’s Vacation. I was turned off by her back then. But when I noticed her again in Ally McBeal, I became a fan. And in 30 Rock, I love her!! But not as much as I love my brunettes…Go Tina!

Jane Krakowski in Vacation:

6:10 & 7:40

1:53 & 4:40

By TV standards she is at best OK. There are way hotter women on TV.

Well, I’m only 4 years older than she is, and while I wouldn’t kick her off of a mattress I don’t find her super hot. I mean, jeez, it looks like you could open a paint can with her chin. Its kinda creepy.

I like Bailey and Mary Ann way more than Jennifer or Ginger, so logically I should think Liz is hotter than Jenna. But I don’t. Jenna is just absolutely smoking hot. My god, that one episode where she wore a short skirt, she has legs that just won’t quit. Of course the personality is written to be repulsive, but it can’t cover the hotness.

Put me in the Tina Fey camp. Jane doesn’t do it for me at all.

Used to like Jane better than now. She’s kind of gone Broadway - meaning you little by little start to change your face to plastic and your manner to camp, so as to appeal more to traditional drama/diva worshipers than those nasty old retrograde heterosexual males.

Well, that’s not fair, making me choose between (the current) her and Beverly D’Angelo.

Hot Shit! I didn’t know that Jane K. was Cousin Vicki from National Lampoon’s Vacation, one in the same. Man, I was 14 when I saw that and she was 15 at the time of filming… serious sexy crush, she just had such an “overtness”… something so primal. I loved her eyes… too bad she prunes her eyebrows to vogue. She had sexy eyebrows as cousin vicki…

Confirmed: Jane Krakowski is seriously hot. It’s not just her looks, she has a sexy thang going on with her personality, at least she did in Ally McBeal, winsome and vulnerable beneath all the brass. Haven’t seen her in 30 rock. She prolly looked good naked too.

I probably shouldn’t enable you boys, but what the heck.

Possibly not safe for work, but only in a very mild way (no nudity, just sexiness with a telephone).
A scene from Jane’s Tony-winning performance in Nine.

The video is not that clear, but I give you the Jane Krakowski of Christmas Past Pole Dance!


I feel depraved.

And every time I’ve seen that movie on TV, her French kiss punch line is “my teacher says I’m the best”.

Sorry dude, she’s good looking and sexy, but not worthy of the big-girl table. But if you think she’s hot (a very pretty she is) I’m not gonna say anyhting else, enjoy her.

BTW, Tina Fey is not hot, not even geek-hot. Good looking and that’s that.

Hah, for a few seconds there, I thought you were saying she played Ray’s sister (who spent the entire series persuing Fraser like some lust-crazed skunk), but then I remembered that Fran was, of course, an Italian girl and not Polish (man, that’d be hard to explain…). THEN I remembered the utterly retarded episode with the blonde bride-to-be, which I had blocked out with fond memories of “The Deal”.

What ever happened to the lady cop who was such a better choice for Fraser than either Fran or the Ice Queen? The dispatcher lady? I liked her. :smiley:

But I digest.

Really, I don’t understand this thing where one woman has to be hot to the exclusion of the other. They’re both hot in different ways, and I’ll take them both if you folks can’t be reasonable about this. I bet if they help with keeping the apartment clean and pitch in for rent, my girlfriend might not immediately kill me for it. :smiley:

Feh. Hot requires an upper lip.

Elaine? She started as a civilian aide and then attended the police academy while working at the station. In real life she was written off because Catherine Bruhier decided to move to LA to pursue her career. Character-wise, Elaine went off to be a cop after her graduation, which had been interrupted by a totally awesome fight in the woods. (“I Coulda Been a Defendant” episode 3 of season 3)

(I think if I was more clever I could say something interesting here about Ray Kowalski being Polish.)