30 Rock: Jane Krakowski is seriously hot

Yeah, I have a thing for Polish girls. Have heard that German soldiers in WWII were hard to cycle out of Poland for the same reason. Can’t prove it, but understand it.

I agree.

You are not supposed to post drunk. Greek girls got it. Tina Fey is hot.

To each his own, I guess.

Eww, no. She’s 41 and she looks it - then again I’m only 21 so I could see the appeal if we were closer in age.

She’s younger than me, but Jenna is such an asshole that I wouldn’t want anything to do with her. I can’t remember seeing Jane in anything else.

She’s been in a ton of other things. She was a regular on Ally McBeal and also played Cousin Vicki in National Lampoon’s Vacation. I feel like I see her in a bunch of random roles.

Jane was in an episode of “Due South” playing a character possibly even stupider than Jenna. It was pretty awesome even though it was one of those plots that would go nowhere if the story-specific characters were slightly more aware.

And she does Broadway too.

Fey’s hotter, as is that blonde production assistant.

The role of Jenna was created by Fey for Amy Poehler, and she was very upset when Krakowski was brought in instead. (I don’t think she was upset with Krakowski- she’s just an actress taking a high paying job- but she was at the producers.)

I absolutely can’t imagine the show with Poehler in that role. Jane’s Jenna is one of the greatest thoroughly delightful absolutely insane narcissists in TV history. I’ve actually been watching the actress since I was a kid (she was on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW when we were both in our early teens) and I knew she could sing because I’d heard her Broadway recordings, but I had no idea that she had such dead-on ‘can’t even be upstaged by Fey’ comic timing. The episode when she begins wearing orthopedic corsets and crutches because of other people getting attention and her ‘in-no-way-intended-to-represent-Janis-Joplin’ performances are among the funniest of the series.

Actually, it was Rachel Dratch who was originally cast as Jenna and played her in the pilot. Liz and Jenna being old friends who got their start in Chicago is based off of Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s real life.

:smack: I stand corrected. The rest stands though: I don’t think Dratch would be a fraction as good as Krakowski. She plays demented so perfectly.

Something about her voice that is really sexy.

I hate to admit it, but if Jenna were a real person that I knew, I’d probably be attracted to her despite her dementia.

To me, there is something vaguely plasticine and not properly human about her face. (I think the same about Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst.) She may be a fine actress (though I’m not really impressed with her acting in anything I’ve seen, which always seems to be over the top) but I don’t find her remotely attractive.


I like her performance a lot and though she’s a bit odd-looking due to the excessive makeup, she’s quite pretty too.

Since rewatching the whole series, one thing I’ve noticed, and now find almost distracting, is how very red her skin is. She looks as if she has perpetual sunburn. Every now and then she’ll touch her collarbone and you can see the white fingerprints where her fingers were.

It wouldn’t be so noticeable if the women on this show didn’t wear such ridiculously low necklines. (Even Tina Fey does this now; I miss her Liz being the ‘normal’ member of the cast.)

I humbly suggest the hotness debate of Krakowski vs. Fey vs. Blond Production Assistant be settled in a jello wrestling match.

She first came to my attention as Betty 9O’Shale)Rubble in “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” (2000). Much hotter than Rosie O’Donnell by any means.

I honestly never thought I would read that sentence in print!!!

She’s not bad, but Lesbian Lemonaide is still my #1 crush.

Not bad. Nuttin’ to write home about.