30 Rock, "Plan B," 3/24

What happened to all the 30 Rock love? I love the show, and thought this week was particularly hilarious.

Liz’s plan B - world’s worst hooker (“It’s 500 for a kiss, 10,000 for snuggling. End of list!”).

And Aaron Sorkin was a riot! “Walk with me.” “Did we just go in a circle?”

I thought there were some good laughs in it, although I missed the first 5 minutes.

“It’s a toilet…or a woman. It’s anything you want it to be.”

“I’ve got an idea – we’ll continue TGS as a magazine!”

“My life was all wet wipes and rectal thermometers. And then the babies arrived!”

“I’m Aaron Sorkin. The West Wing, The Social Network…”
Studio 60…”
“Shut up.”

“We’re living under the subway with the CEO of Friendster!”

I like that.

I also love that this is the second time they did the “did we just walk in a circle” joke. They did it in episode 1 or 2 of the whole show to poke fun at Studio 60.

Can someone tell me what happened after the last commercial break? My DVR cut it off.

My favorite line: “He’s a gay shark, just like the actor who played Jaws.”

Kenny video-conferences with Tracy, and its obvious that Tracy’s actually on a studio set.

“We’ve had the snowiest winter ever in New York. i mean, here in Africa.” (Tracy leans over to turn off a light as part of the backdrop falls down.) “Oh, it’s night. Time to go to bed or the gods will get mad. They must be crazy!”

I also liked Tracy’s earlier comment about all the people he’d met in Africa: “Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Paul Simon, Invictus.”

So glad Will Arnett is back in play. He’s the funniest man alive, IMO. I can’t believe Running Wilde didn’t work, but that lady from Felicity is a piss poor actress.

The Kabletown CEO is hilarious. More of him too.

The whole “pity the writers!” thing was a biiiit overplayed. Sorkin was great.