$300 cash or a week in Detroit? (Please read OP before answering)

Your choices: 1) Pocket $300 cash or 2) You and a guest spend a week in Detroit.

The week would include all expenses paid, including travel, your choice of hotel, your choice of restaurants, and your choice of activities and entertainment.

The only condition is that you must remain within the city limits for the entire week.

For the purposes of this poll, please disregard and concerns about time off from work, responsibilities at home, etc.

I would definitely take the week in Detroit. I know the city gets a bad rap, but there have to be some nice hotels, restaurants, and things to do.

Same here. I’ve been there before for a training class, and didn’t get to see anything. I’m sure I could find something fun to do!

It can’t be any worse than some other places I’ve been. Even in Laredo TX, there were enjoyable places to go and things to do.

I’ve been to Detroit and would go again. Too bad the terms of the hypothetical preclude a visit to the Henry Ford Museum.

Even with the city’s population decline, it’s still a medium-sized city with art, music, theatre, independent bookstores - it’s a shame I wouldn’t be able to pop over to Ann Arbor, but I’d still gladly take the weeklong vacation.

I’ll take a week in Detroit! there’s someone near there I’d like to meet in person.

There’s some fairly interesting stuff in Detroit. I’d just rather have the $300.

Nothing against the city, but $300 would be nice right now. I might also take $300 instead of a week in Milwaukee, or Columbus, or Omaha.

I used to live outside Detroit, just at the base of the thumb. I would absolutely take the week in the city. I would love to see some of my old haunts from childhood…my parents have moved so much I have a difficult time finding roots anywhere and Warren, MI is the closest I think of to a hometown. I would love to touch base again.

I could use an all-expenses paid vacation just about anywhere. I hesistated on Detroit, but when I thought about it, I’d get to cross another baseball stadium off my list in my quest to see a game in all of them. I also have friends in Michigan who could come visit me while I was in the area. All without taking a hit to my bank account.

The more I think about it, the more of a no-brainer it becomes.

I’d take the $300. Nothing against Detroit. I’d take the $300 over a trip to Paris right now. Being broke sucks.

My brother used to live in northern Michigan, near the Canadian border. I had an open invitation but never visited. I’d take the cash.

I saw the Detroit Tigers play, live, the same year they won the World Series…Holy fuck, that was 1984. I saw them at the Tiger Stadium. I am not a fan of baseball, but it was very cool to see them play.

Vacations are very rare for me due to timing and financial constraints. A vacation valued at over well over $1,000 is going to be worth more than $300 cash to me, regardless of the destination.

I’ve heard the stadium is a nice one, and both sets of friends I have in the state are Tigers fans, so I’d have willing tour guides. It’d be a sweet deal for me. :slight_smile:

(Boy, does 1984 feel like forever ago.)

I would take the cash even if it was $20 or Two weeks in Tahiti.
[li]I don’t like to travel.[/li][li]I need the money.[/li][/ul]

W went to Detroit with my parents when I was about 9 for a funeral, so I’ve BEEN there but not really BEEN there, if you know what I mean. I voted I’d take a week in the city, but that comes with a clause- I will have to have a week’s board paid for my 5 dogs and 2 cats as well, because I don’t have anyone that would take care of them.

God, a vacation to just about anywhere sounds like heaven.

Seven dinners at the Whitney? I’m there! http://www.thewhitney.com/menu.htm

There really are some amazing live music choices in Detroit as well,a nd the museums are excellent. I’d have a hard time choosing the time of year to go, as the best music is in the Winter season, but I find that leevl of cold quite intimidating.

I’d take the week in Detroit, as long as it had a knowledgeable local guide. There’s some things going on there with urban farming that I’d like to learn more about.