$300 cash or a week in Detroit? (Please read OP before answering)

Given this, I’d definitely take the week in Detroit. It’d be a really interesting holiday.

I’d be kicked out of school if I missed a week, and I can’t think of anything in Detroit I want to see, so I’ll take the $300.

I grew up an hour from Detroit. I’ve been there numerous times and wouldn’t hesitate going back for a week.

I’d take the cash. Cities have never been my choice of vacation destination: Once you’ve seen one city, you’ve seen them all. If I’m going to be going anywhere for a vacation (I can sit around and chill just fine at home), I want to be able to see impressive displays of nature, or experience new cultures, or visit with family and friends, and Detroit offers me none of that.

Can I pick the date? My choice of entertainment: Habs@Red Wings. I’d take the week in Detroit - I love to travel and I’m sure I’d find interesting things to do.

Gimme the cash. I’ve got better things to do than spend a week in [del]Beirut[/del] Detroit.

I’ve been to Detroit many times and there are things to do and places to see, but not a week’s worth. Especially if you’re not allowed to go to Auburn Hills, etc. I’d take the $300.

It would be a tough call for me because I have a two year old son and I don’t want to be away from him if I don’t have to.

If I had a reliable person to leave him with or we could bring him, I would take the trip. I’m sure that there are things to see and do and I would enjoy seeing for myself if Detroit is in as bad a shape as the media makes it out to be.

I would pay you $300 to avoid going to a big city. Any city. Don’t feel bad Detroit, it isn’t personal. :slight_smile:

silenus - have you been to Detroit within the past 5 years or so?

I’m not gonna rag on you either way, I’m genuinely curious.

With two international trips this year, I’m running low on vacation time at work. I’ll take the cash.

I live in the metro area and hell yeah, I’d take the week in the city. I’d also take anyone along who doesn’t think there’s a week’s worth of stuff to do here either and show 'em a few things.

From the OP:

I visited the city 20 years after going to the Ford Museum. I’ll take the money.

I was playing racquetball on Belle Isle yesterday… they have 6 lit courts. It is a huge and beautiful park. There is plenty to do in Detroit. We have a great art museum. We have a Science Center . We have lots of great restaurants. There are boaters running on the Detroit River.
Man V Food has done at least 2 episodes in Detroit. They were at Slos Barbecue. There Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all have downtown arenas with great bars and restaurants. There is The Fox Theater with big shows at a beautiful theater.
There are 3 Casinos and another across the river in Windsor.

As someone who has recently vacationed in Bangladesh, I’m always up for new places whatever their reputation. I’ll take Detroit.

It may just be me, but when I saw the title I couldn’t help but think of the old joke about the guy winning second prize at a drawing at a friend’s wedding: he got to spend a week with the bride. When asked what was first prize, he said, “A ham.”

I actually vacation in Detroit so give me the trip. My sister still lives in GPW and we always stay downtown for a couple of days. Good food, good music, good bars. This weekend is the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. I love the city, but it’s not for everyone. During one of our trips, some people from the medical examiner’s office got on an elevator with us…and they weren’t alone :eek:

Still taking the money.

Nope. Haven’t been there in decades, in fact. But I don’t like the area (Northeast USA) anyway, and Cash is King. Everything I’ve read about Detroit lately leads me to think that $300 will entertain me in Vegas a lot more than spending a week in Detroit would, even if all expenses were paid.