30th Anniversary Gift Ideas?

My parents took the plunge 30 years ago this October (and are still married!). I’d like to give them something to commemorate the occasion, but I have no clue what to get them. Dopers seem to know about all sorts of fun, creative “stuff” so suggest away!

My parents are in their mid-50s.
They’ve got a pretty eclectic style to their home - they just don’t like “modern” furnishings.
My sister’s still in high school and we’ll be giving the gift together, so we’d like to keep the gift small.
My father has a lot of allergies, so scented stuff is out, as are a lot of food items.

Can they travel? Maybe a weekend at a bed and breakfast?

The other thing you can do is compile all their old photos/videos/what have you in a movie of “This Is Your Life.”