32 Years Later, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Charged With Murder of GF

Snuka has always been the prime suspect in this case. News stories about beating his gf to death have popped up continually throughout the 32 years. It’s not a secret and he certainly hasn’t been hiding. He was wrestling in arenas throughout the country for much of that time.

Now after completely ignoring a case with overwhelming circumstantial evidence (of a *severe *beating prior to death) they decide not to prosecute? :dubious: I see very little chance of obtaining justice in prosecuting a sick old man with a stomach tube. He’s battling stomach cancer and has thirty plus years of contentious head trauma.

I would have strongly supported prosecuting this case back when it occurred. The evidence of a sustained beating was so overwhelmingly obvious. I’ve never understood why he wasn’t charged and brought to trial. Steroid use was rampant in wrestling at that time (old photo. that requires steroids and significant gym time imho). A good lawyer could have used roid rage as a defense and might have gotten him a plea deal for 10 or 15 years. His career in wrestling over. Justice served. I would have supported that. Even applauded it.

But there’s no justice possible now. Not after one prosecutor after another ignores the case for 32 years. Snuka had nothing to do with that decision. Nobody has that kind of star power. Hell they prosecuted Brando’s son for murder only a few years earlier. The state can’t claim Snuka was untouchable then. They didn’t forget about the case either. It’s been dragged back up in the news every few years. It’s been wrestling’s most open secret for decades. A wrestling star beat his gf to death.

He’ll probably die in jail long before this trumped up show trial happens. Denying this hot shot prosecutor the chance to strut around and brag about taking down a brain addled, sick dying old man.

32 years too damn late but we sure taught that guy something didn’t we? Oh, does he even remember what he had for lunch yesterday???

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they decide not to prosecute? :dubious: strike the Not After f’ing around for 32 years they are prosecuting.

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Comprehensive article from 2013 detailing the case and the lives of Snuka and Nancy Argentino.
It contains pretty much all the background on the case that I’ve seen. A long read but worth it.

A terrible tragedy that should have been brought to trial then. Not now, 32 years later when the defendant is in such terrible condition. Even jailing him now to await trial is an injustice. The guy should be in a hospital or nursing home. There’s no justice in throwing a sick old man in a wheelchair into a cell just to watch him die.


He, in all probability, killed someone. Brutally. Walked around for 32 years. At least according to your OP, he’s guilty and it was an open secret. He got to live a lot longer than his victim.

I’m willing to take a guilty plea. He can spend his sentence in the prison hospital or be sent out for additional treatment as needed.

Why should his ill health excuse him from a trial?

I thought it was due to basically Vince doing the talking for him and him playing up the “primative islander” trope.

There’s supposedly significant cognitive damage from years of concussions. Medical experts from both sides will have to examine him and do tests to see if that’s really true. That might put an end to this trial right there. Depends on what the medical experts say.

What bothers me is there wasn’t any new break through evidence that made a trial necessary or established his guilt. Supposedly he made some conflicting statements in his autobiography decades after the event. I can’t help but wonder how much validity that even has? Especially if he’s proven to have cognitive damage from his years in the ring. A celebrity autobiography is hardly a legal statement. It’s a book meant to entertain fans and make money.

So basically they’ll take the same evidence they steadfastly ignored for 32 years and throw it at the wall of justice. See if just maybe something sticks.

So because they guy allegedly has stomach cancer, and showed up to court with tubes tied all over him that excuses what he might have done 32 years ago?

As for Jim Martin, the DA, he is an old geezer who has been Lehigh County DA for over 15 years, hardly a profile of a young “hot shot” DA looking to make name for himself.

Innocent until proven guilty, personally IMO non legal opinion I am relieved this coke head roid boy animal is being made to stand trial for abusing and killing this girl no matter how long ago.

For anyone to excuse this crime out of hand because he allegedly is a sick old man is an absolute outrage.

I was not aware of this part of Snuka’s past until reading an article yesterday. It sounded like there was plenty of evidence to go after him at the time, not sure who dropped the ball on that one. And it’s not very clear to me what has changed that they’re pursuing this now.

Jimmy Snuka was a violent black-out drunk.

That doesn’t mean he committed this crime, but even if he did he probably doesn’t remember it. I haven’t seen any comprehensive details of the evidence in this crime, but the authorities did at the time and decided not to prosecute. I find it unlikely that Vince McMahon was able to influence the local authorities in any significant way. He bailed out plenty of wrestlers after minor arrests but murder is quite different. I think the state does not have the evidence to convict but want to take one last shot as a political stunt. They know he’s dying, he may not be capable of standing trial, and they won’t look bad when he’s acquitted for lack of evidence. If there is anything to the case it should have prosecuted decades ago and they should spend their time investigating why that didn’t happen.

However, if they have the evidence, if Snuka is competent, wheel him into the courthouse and try him.

No one thinks his condition excuses the murder. People are saying there is very little point in prosecuting him now. This isn’t a case where new evidence came to light, or where people have been hunting him for decades. If it hasn’t been worth pursuing for 32 years, it probably isn’t worth pursuing now, except for ther media circus for whoever is pushing it.

Nazi prison camp guards were tried at much older ages. There is a point in prosecuting him.

Not pursued =/= not worth pursuing. Maybe the prosecutors who previously reviewed the case were biased. Maybe they were lazy. If there is enough evidence to prosecute, they should prosecute. He may no longer be a danger to society, but that isn’t the only reason we have a criminal justice system.

Yes, I specifically said that this is very different than cases when someone has been actively hunted for decades, and the examples you cite were what I had in mind.

You ARE aware that there are no statute of limitations on murder, right ace? Dude’s walked around free for 32 years. So he’s old and sick – that doesn’t make someone a saint, nor does it give one immunity from the law. Justice is supposed to be blind, right?

This is a load of bullshit, ace.

Yeah, I agree, but there is no new evidence. That’s what’s weird in this case. I think there was enough evidence to charge him in 1983, but they didn’t. And since then nothing has changed. If he did it, then yes of course he should spend the rest of his days in jail.

Well hell, I’ve been a long-time wrestling fan and this is the first I’ve heard of this. But I haven’t even thought about this guy in years, and seen him even less. I have no emotion for this case other than what I typically reserve for strangers being murdered. I guess its more justice to prosecute him, not less, and they should do it.

Obviously this is a parochial thing — Mr. Snuka and the WWW are not household names around the world; however I can see little point in putting someone in prison who won’t know why he’s in prison.
The rehabilitative bit is probably out, too.

Let’s not assume Snuka is incompetent to stand trial just because he says so.

Presumably some American courts defer to the opinions of skilled diagnosticians as to whether people on trial have cancer or are mentally incompetent.