35 Years Sober!

I’m 35, and I’ve been sober for 35 years! Never had a drinking problem, drug problem, violence against women problem, eating disorder, nervous breakdown, or anything along those lines!

If you too have been clean your whole life, get you ass in here so we can pat you on the back!

Yay, me!

(Mind you, none of this was easy, since I grew up in the dreaded inner city)


I am 21 - I don’t have a drinking problem, drug problem, violence against small animals or living creatures of any type, except for digitalised creatures.

But I do have nervous breakdown, anxiety attacks and wild mood swings. Does those exlcude me from the club?

Philster, you lucky dawg! I’m plagued with all of the evil you’ve avoided throughout your life. Sucks to be me.

LostCause, it’s okay, you can get accolades for all those accomplishments!

Kalhoun! Get the hell out of here! You dawg! No praise for you!

I’m in my twenties and have never used drugs or alchohol or anything else you mention so I can pat you on the back.

Yay me!
Yay Philster

30 years old and alcohol has never touched these lips.

Yay Barks’ dog food
Yay Philster