10 years sober

Today is the day.

10 years clean and sober.

Yay me!


You rock.

Your sister, tapu


What an amazing feat. Congrats to you!

Wish I could get a day sober :frowning:

Not doin’ well here.

Congrats Sleestack. Thanks for the example.

Nice going. 4.5 months for me :slight_smile:

question for you: Are you still (did you ever) go to AA type meetings or just gut it out on your own?

Is it still a daily “issue” for you?


I had a slip last October but am back on track with more intensive therapy. One day I will hit ten years, I hope!

Congrats, sleestak!

I’ve only been a few months sober (with one accidental sip of beer, but that was uningtentional.)

Yay you!

What are you doing with all the money saved by not buying booze?

Great news for you and all your kin. I just realized that it’s been 32 years this month since I quit smoking. It’s a good feeling.

Hellava thing, hope you can get to 20.

Well done! 2 and a bit years for me, seeing people who’ve kept it up is always inspiring. So many thanks for posting this thread.

Congrats on the double digits!

Congrats. I’ve watched my sister become sober (who I think is on five now) and it wasn’t easy (but for her, it got a LOT easier after about eighteen months). Here is to another ten! (But toast with something non-alcoholic :))


It’s one day at a time. Right?

I’ve been sober for 23 years now and find that the only time I feel like I’m getting into trouble is when I forget about “one day at a time” and start to obsess about how long I’ve been sober or make plans about what to do when I’ve been sober for a greater length of time.

It is truly a very dangerous thing to do. It’s so much safer to just stick to one day at a time.

In the meantime, I like to watch movies like Clean & Sober with Michael Keaton. It may not be a great movie. But I find it gives me something to take my mind off of having a drink.

You might feel a whole lot better if you get out and attend a meeting and share your problems with others.

You never can tell what might happen. Hopefully, it will be something good for you.

It all depends on your desire to stay sober today.

Do you desire to stay sober today?

Good Work!

Congratulations, and best of luck making it to that third digit…