350° for metal pan, 325° for dark or coated?

I’ve been seeing this a lot on baking mixes. Like today, I want to make brownies. The directions say “350° for metal pan, 325° for dark or coated pan*.”

Of course, that asterisk doesn’t lead anywhere.

What’s a dark or coated pan? What would a glass/pyrex pan be? Why the temp difference?

IIRC, dark-colored pans tend to brown things more, versus a shiny metal pan. They may recommend a lower temperature to prevent burning or over-browning.

Well, I found this:

So I guess that pretty much answers that. Glass baking dishes count as “dark or coated” even if they’re neither.

Pyrex, glass pans makes better brownies. Just use some Pam on the bottom only. I have two pans for brownies one is an 8 inch square and one is a nine inch. If you like them thick use the 8 inch and if you get the box that says 13 x 9 never use a 13 x 9 pan. They come out wafer thin. I make those in a 9 inch square pan. I love brownies and they come out overdone in metal pans. I love brownies and even if they are mushy or stiff they are still yummy.

Glass pans =350
Dark pans = 325

Yup, the brownies turned out de-lish. They were extra decadent, with little mini peanut butter cups mixed in.