36 Questions Women Have For Men.

Yeah. I just checked out what Buzzfeed is… Guess you’re right Sir T-Cups.

  1. Really cool. That guy is really rich and has married some really hot babes.
  2. I watched one once and I thought I was going to die. It’s true, you can look it up.
  3. Um, you explained why in the question? What part don’t you understand.
  4. We don’t. Not at all. The vast majority of movies men watch have female leads. Most guys couldn’t name more than one male porn star, and that one is Ron Jeremy because he’s so fucking awesome.
  5. Because they don’t get any of our jokes.
  6. Because there must be something wrong with you if you want to have sex with us. We’re disgusting.
  7. Because you keep telling us how many men you sleep with which is disgusting (see #6). However if tell us about the women you slept with we’ll congratulate you also.
  8. The definition of a tease is a woman who doesn’t have sex with me. We call a woman who has sex with us on the first date a ‘slut’ because we like to go on first dates with sluts.
  9. The one where people say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’. It is a very confusing place, better get used to it.
  10. You’re getting all upset about this right now, what kind of leadership is that?
  11. I think you owe me your body even if you’re not nice to me.
  12. Well you stumped me on that one. I still have a hard time believing even gay men want to look at a guy’s dick.
  13. Because she’s my sister.
  14. These are really boring questions, how long does this go on?
  15. Why do you have to sit with your shut so tight?
  16. Why can’t you change light bulbs and kill spiders?
  17. Because emotions are womanly.
  18. So you’ll have sex with me.
  19. Because you’re doing it wrong.
  20. We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not always angry.
  21. We don’t. We prefer makeup to putting a bag over your head.
  22. It’s no weirder than all the other things the old white men sit in a room and do.
  23. Common mistake. We’re obsessed with the good lesbians. The good ones are the type that have sex with men.
  24. It feels really bad, it’s the only time men regret having balls.
  25. Nope. Takes no effort on my part.
  26. I’m a man, I’m not afraid of anything.
  27. Because you’re not as productive as I am.
  28. Whatever world that question came from I suppose, certainly not this one for either.
  29. I can only guess that is a similar but different world from the 77 cent one.
  30. Well it’s not fair that I have to pay $1 here when I can get the same thing for 68 or 77 cents on other worlds.
  31. I’m not. Why are you intimidated by a man who makes more that you?
  32. Because we’re being nice to women and just insulting their personality instead of their intelligence, manliness, and every other aspect of our male bosses that we despise.
  33. Because there aren’t any women around to be offended. Why don’t you speak up when speak derisively about men in public?
  34. What are you kidding me? I love being a privileged male. We don’t have to work, we’re not responsible for anything, the world just gives me everything without ever asking anything in return. It’s really wonderful being a privileged male.

I laughed.

Lollz! TV stereotype cro-mag man is cro-mag! Next tell me about the toilet seat always up! Soooooo funny!

Sarah Palin doesn’t strike me as masculine. Except her chin, maybe. That thing does look rather masculine. But other than that, Palin seems like the epitome of the stereotypical middle-aged suburban housewife.

I misread number 5 as Why are you surprised when women are furry?

I think the proper answer to all of these questions is to head to the store for chocolate, wine and tampons. She’ll be ready to apologize in a few days. :slight_smile:

“How do you guys walk around with those things?” /Elaine paraphrase

Must … not … post … wrong … board … can’t … control … please … NO …

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I am soooo suspended …

Wow… interesting perspective. I would NEVER give a girl a noogie. I hate noogies.

Girls don’t like it rough? Um… Yeah, right.

Other than that naive comment, I thought she was pretty witty for someone her age. She ruins it though with the excessive amounts of cussing. Also, she needs to find a better class of boys to hang around,.

That’s ironic, because I, being the same sex as Donald Trump, am exultant!

It seems as if I can fly, instead of walk! Everything I touch turns to gold, and I weep diamonds rather than tears!

If you have an opportunity to become the same sex as Donald Trump, don’t let anybody talk you out of it!