3Jan03: JRR Tolkien's eleventy-first birthday

I checked MPSIMS and The Cafe Society for word on this event, and found none. Just in case it really isn’t on the board yet, here’s what’s going on:

The Tolkien Society is proposing a toast for 9 pm local time.

You can enter your comments with the Eleventy-one Birthday Toast Entry Form.

:: raises glass :: The Professor!

(quaffing Entwater) - may his hair ever curl!

Tolkien? Cafe Society - Second tower on the left.

ewwww Entwater!

Now Ent-draught…


May the hair on his toes grow ever long and never fall out!

~Ferry, toasting

I think I’d prefer a glass of Old Winyards, myself.

To our dear Professor’s one-hundred and eleventieth birthday! May his works continue to bring people joy for another one hundred and eleven years, and more!

::Raises mug of beer at The Green Dragon::

A very happy birthday to you, Professor Tolkien. Thank you for your marvelous books, your “mad hobby” of language invention that made it all possible, and your stubborn, prickly refusal of editing attempts on your masterpiece. Thanks for your environmentalism and your humanity. I wish I had been around to take a class in middle old English from you.

Ah yes sir! Mr. Tolkien Sir! I tip my hat at you! I’ll give my draught a knock, and say thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful books… One Question though my dear ol’chap ol’boy, how much time did you spend studying the Kalevala? It’s a tough Finnish text to begin with, but to base an entire language on it, is simply genius…I just love your multisyllabic names in the books…Good show!

Kalevala! Finnish epic!
Written in trochaic
Tetrameter (Well, I never
Said I could work in strange meters!)

Works like this sound to 'Mer’cans
Like they deal with noble savages
Amerinds and suchlike peoples.

Fault for this is Henry Wadworth’s.
Well he knew of Kalevala
Stole he from it this noble metre
Used he it for his first epic
Based on life of Iroquoian
Hiawatha of Five Nations

So if this rhyme sounds like dog’rel
Put the blame on that Longfellow!

:slight_smile: You amaze me Poly.

The happiest of all days to you in Fantasy Writers Heaven, High Priest Tolkien! I bow before your altar and ask that you bless this, my pen, that I may do justice to your genre! I name my next rat “Nimrodel” in your honor. A flight of angels sing you to your cake!

raises pint at the Prancing Pony Inn

P’shaw. Shakespeare-- what a panty-waist. The worlds he created aren’t even consistent. :wink:

May the wind under his wings carry him to where the sun sets and the stars sail.

To the Professor, from the poem whose study he revolutionized for generations to come.

To Professor Tolkien!

Thank you for writing my favorite book!

Alas, Professor… we knew ye half as well as we should have liked.

To the Professor!

To the Professor! May the wind at your back always be your own!

To The Professor! May Your Journey Go Ever Onwards!

Well said!

Alas, JRRT! If The Hobbit had taken off the way Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone did, you could have retired in 1938 and spent all your time fleshing out Middle-Earth.

Ilu JRRT carnë Eldain ar Fírimain
Ilu ná vanya, fanya, ëari,
i cemen, ar ilya i ëa tessen.

JRRT made the World for Elves and Mortals
The World is fair, the sky, the seas,
the earth, and all that is in them.