International J. R. R. Tolkien Day

Today’s J. R. R.'s birthday. Find a lost ring!

Tolkien is addictive!

Very hobbit-forming.

Everybody meet under the Party Tree!

Happy birthday! Kill your friend and take his ring!

Happy Tolkienmass!

Crazy - I was just having a (somewhat silly) dream about Barad-Dûr this morning! Clearly my subconscious wants to celebrate Tolkienmass. Cheers, everybody!

He’s eleventy-eight today!

Where are the Proudfeet??? :eek:

LOTR: Return of the King is on TNT tonight. I plan to watch, but also gonna dvr it in case I’m tempted to check out the football game.

My ten-year-old and I watched the 1977 cartoon of The Hobbit to celebrate. It actually wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Not quite.

For punishment for that comment, you are relegated to singing “Where there’s a whip, there’s a way” for the next fifteen minutes. :smiley:

You guys go first. I’ll be along as soon as I’ve looted all your houses of any Tolkien I currently lack. Also cash, jewels, & bearer bonds.

In honor of Tolkien’s birthday:

I hereby resolve to never make use of a sword made of some kind of weird black metal by a psychologically unbalanced but powerful elf loner. I will especially not make use of it if I accidentally kill my best friend with it.

If a horrifying primordial evil being takes a heirloom of mine or my father’s, I hereby resolve to not swear any oaths of any kind, and remind myself that no stolen possessions are worth leading my family and people into misery, suffering, and exile.

I hereby resolve to not attempt to intervene between any family member and the person the they love; in particular, I will not send them on “hopeless” quests.

“That’s Proudfoots!

Fool of a Took!

What do you think would have happened if Beren had NOT retrieved the Silmaril?

If you are going to reference that, you are *obligated *to provide a NSFW link to Orcish Dominatrix Porn.

You asked for it… (okay, SFW, but it’s damn tough to find something like that with orcs…)

OK, and how do you propose to SCRUB THAT IMAGE OUT OF MY MIND??? :eek: :eek: :eek:

I now sentence you to a three-page essay on the symbolism of Bromosel, son of Benelux and his prophecy of doom (he HAD to get worried about page 82, don’t you think???). :smiley:

Guess what? I’m going to be reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for the thirtieth time!

New thread topic, imo.