3rd party Amazon seller sends package to wrong address. Advice?

Right after Christmas I purchased a few books from a third party Amazon seller. Nothing too expensive – $25 after shipping – but costly enough to make their loss rather annoying. They were due to be delivered last Monday (a week prior to this post). But I never found the package even though the USPS tracking system said it had been delivered. They deliver behind a locked door so theft seemed unlikely.

I waited a few days to see if the package would show up; when it did not I called USPS. They told me that the address the books had been shipped to does not match the address Amazon has on file, although they wouldn’t tell me what the difference was (understandably).

On the other hand, the seller tells me that she has a receipt from USPS with my correct address. She says she’s looking into it.

So I’m not sure what to do here. I could probably file a claim with Amazon and get a refund, but I’d hate to do that when it’s not the seller’s fault. I could wait it out but I strongly suspect that I won’t ever see the books I ordered. And if it’s her fault then, as far as I can tell, she has no incentive beyond ethical reasons not to lie and put the blame on USPS. Any advice?

Amazon will find in your favor. Don’t feel bad about the seller’s loss of $25, it’s the cost of doing business.

ZipperJJ is right but I would maybe give it a week or so; strange things happen. I’ve returned packages I didn’t order and I’m guessing other people do as well so its just possible you may still get your books.

Alright, thanks to you both. I guess I’ll wait it out for a little longer and file a claim if nothing changes. (When I tried to double check whether she’d perhaps made a typo, she sent me an image of Amazon’s receipt … which of course will match the address Amazon has on file. So not exactly reassuring.)

It is up to the seller to get the item to you. Shipping is not your concern, the seller is USPS’s customer not you, and you shouldn’t have to do anything regarding it.

Accept nothing less than the item or a full refund, and as mentioned above, Amazon will be on your side judging by what you’ve told us.