Amazon Item Shipped To Old Address

We moved from manhattan to brooklyn. I updated my address for almost everything and made a purchase on recently and i was pretty close to 100 percent i put the new address i want my item sent to.

I saw that the item was sent today but it never came, only to find out it was sent to my old address but of course no one is there. At first i thought it was my fault that i didnt change my address as thats the first thing i thought which is my mistake. But the more i thought about it, i was close to 100 percent sure i put the new address before i ordered it since i ordered another thing from another site with the new address.
It was when i did some googling that many ppl had same issue… they changed their address, picked it as the one they want to send it to and then after amazon shipped it, it went to their old address. Basically like some system glitch.
My old place is not that that far away but still over 1 plus hours a way for me to go and pick it up. I had thought if it was my fault, i would either go to that post office and pick it up or amazon told me they could just have me call usps and have them send it back to amazon and i will get refunded the fees. Of course i didnt like this as i have to order again and because it was my fault for putting wrong address but then i had came to a conclusion that i had picked the right address and it was amazons system glitch that caused this and not my fault.
I wont be able to contact that post office until saturday b/c its holiday. I will ask them if they have my package at that office which im pretty sure they do but does anyone know if its possible for them to redirect the package all the way to me here in my new address. Old address is manhattan, new address is brooklyn. The thing is since its not my fault the system sent it to old address, best to just tell them to resend it back to amazon and then i order it again? I had asked amazon about this and they said that certainly is possible and i wouldnt have to pay shipping fee for it because the mistake was on their end. However, they are not sure if usps could redirect that package to my new location. Also does anyone know if its possible for me to go and pick up the package myself? I figure i could do this since my id is still the old ID but one of the reps i spoke to first mentioned this isn’t possible and situation like this, it get sent back to amazon. Another rep mentioned i could do this and a 3rd rep said yes but call to make sure.
I cant call till saturday though due to holiday but does anyone know if what i want… the redirect it to new address is possible? What about me picking it up myself? I also assume if my id was my new address change id, this wouldnt be possible because it would not show my old address? I would also assume most ppl new id have new address so my situation is bit difference because i didnt get a new id.

The package came via USPS and not UPS or FedEX?

Did you file a change of address with the post office when you moved? Did you check the box that says you wanted parcels to be forwarded?

If so, then they should be forwarding your package automatically. Admittedly, they are not 100% accurate.

I did the address change with the post office so all our mail get redirected to the new address.
I do not know about the parcels to be forwarded.
Basically i ordered from amazon put my new address… system glitch didn’t send to my new address but my old address. The thing is this isn’t usps’s fault… its amazons b/c of the glitch in the system. If you change your address and send it there, it will somehow send to the old one which seems to be be what happens to many others.

Did you log in and, you know, actually check which address you chose?

Amazon sends out multiple emails too, acknowledging the order, saying that it’s shipped, sometimes more. Perhaps you still have some in your Trash folder, and you could check to see what address was shown.

Naturally. Amazon has a huge number of customers. So even if only a tiny fraction mistakenly pick the wrong address and then blame it on Amazon, you’d still find tons of complaints about it. The fact that you found some complaints by googling is not good evidence that there’s a real bug in Amazon’s systems.