My package was returned -- Advice appreciated

I occasionally sell my old CDs and DVDs on Amazon Marketplace. The buyers get my unwanted stuff, I get a little money, everybody’s happy.

I sold a DVD July 15th to a woman in Texas. I always send everything Delivery Confirmation, so they have to beep the bar code when they deliver it. So I know she got my DVD in a timely way. Today I get the unopened package back marked “Addressee Not Known.” So somebody got the package and held it for five weeks before sending it back. I’ve never heard from the buyer. Is the buyer dead? Did she move and not bother to tell me to send her package somewhere else? She did pay for it (not much, but still).

What should I do?

Look back in your orders and send an e-mail to the person saying
your package was just returned to me as “Addressee Not Known.” I sent it to:

Is that correct? What would you like me to do with your purchase?

If they even respond and are willing to send you additional money for shipping it again, go ahead and do so.

The SAME thing just happened to me. I was cataloging some of my books and happened to see that I had one in my collection that had some value on Amazon. I listed it at only slightly lower than other copies were priced and sold within 24 hours.

I dutifully drove an hour to the post office to post the very next business day and sent it with tracking. Two weeks later, I receive the package back, unopened and marked unknown addressee.

So, being this was my first sale ever on Amazon, I take pictures of the returned package to prove when I had sent it and when it arrived back to me and that I had used the address label provided by Amazon. I ask them what to do. They reply that “in the interest of customer service, the best policy is to provide a full refund” Well, I had postage costs and Amazon took their cut. So, I provided a refund less my 3.62 in shipping costs from what Amazon actually paid me (they took about 9.00 in commission).

Sent a message to my buyer describing what happened and that I was refunding him and may re-list the item in the future. I have NEVER heard from the buyer. I mean, he is out about 13.00 after I deducted my postage costs and what Amazon took for their commission, never received his package and has never gotten in touch with me or Amazon. I mean, WTH? Is this some kind of new scam? If so, I can’t figure out the angle. I would be checking into where my package is long before two weeks went by especially as I had posted that I had shipped while I was sitting outside the post office and provided the tracking number.

Needless to say, this being my first sale on Amazon, I am a little spooked and have not listed anything else. I would really like to unload some of my books as I do have some valuable volumes in my 5000 book collection and I have a Nook now so this would be a great way to get some more floor space in my office.

Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this as I was shocked to see the OP’s story so closely mirrored mine. Worried about the possible scam angle such as somehow getting my bank acct info though everything seems pretty safe through Amazon.

FYI, when you refund a buyer on Amazon, you get the fees back.

Since you’re looking for advice, I’ll move this to our advice forum, IMHO.

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