4 Holidays in 7 Days Makes One Weak - A Celebratory MMP

I crack me up.
Festivus, Christmas, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa. Any I missed?
Anyways, up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave. 5 more days of Peak, then a weekend off.
Hijack away!

Made it to the parents, but left hubby’s hoodie in San Franciso.

Never ever try to ready a house for sale while trying to buy one. With about a half hour work my slaves shall be heading back to Melbourne. I have about given up on Ocala. I am now looking in the wilds of the Big Bend. Perry, Florida specifically as that was hubs name. That’s as good as any reason I can see. Only 7 plus thousand ppl. More my speed. Houses way cheaper and lots more real estate to erect a fence. I have decided once I’m settled to buy Buddy Boy an automatic tennis ball launcher and a new pup friend. I will rescue the pup though.

My house looks great. I caught a few things he forgot, small stuff but I want it ALL fixed. We sold some furniture on marketplace and since she did the work I gave them half the money.

Now to just clean, wash the windows and finish going through my things and I shall meet the Jan 1st deadline. I am making calls today to find a buyers agent in Perry and may just take a trip and buy a house so I’ll have a place to go. Sonny boy said I could stay with them…too funny. One week was enough. I will be glad to have my solitude back in the next hour or so.

Happy Moanday for those that it matters to. Half the time I don’t even know the day of the week since I stopped irking. I don’t miss it one iota.

Glad for safe travel dicey. Doogggiiooo you always crack me up.

Have a good week and be safe all.

I never heard of Perry(Tree Capitol of the South), FL, but the tiny population sounds good. It looks far enough inland that it shouldn’t flood in a hurricane - also good. :wink: I don’t blame you for giving up on Ocala - that place is huge and growing! Houses being built EVERYWHERE!! And traffic along 200 sucketh mightily! On the down side, I won’t be able to visit you when we go see FCD’s folks, but then we were never able to go see you anyway. Good luck with the house selling/buying/moving!

We’ve got 2 celebrations this week. Christmas Eve breakfast will be our local family thing, then Christmas Brunch, etc, at my brother’s place in Baltimore. I’ll have Roxy on Thursday for the day and overnight. So three days of crazy ahead.

Today or tomorrow, I’ll make a trash and recycling run. And the other day, I noticed that I need to move FCD’s recliner and give the area a good vacuuming. I ran the dishwasher - the clean stuff will need to be put away. Not really a lot on tap today, tho. I did have a good sleep, which will help.

So onward into the day and the week. Stay warm/cool/safe/sober as you desire!

Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until seven-thirty! :astonished: ‘Tis 48 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 56 and partly N.O.S. for the day. Nuttin’ of note on the agenda today which is fine by me. Sup shall be grilled ham steaks, scalloped N.O.T., grilled spareguts, and rolls. Much laziness and sloth shall ensue.

Dicey glad y’all made it safe and sound.

Butters I’ve been through Perry before. It’s a nice area and still out of the snow zone.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah,

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning everyone.

It’s 35 and raining with an expected high of 39 degrees.

I’m glad you all made it in safely, dicey. I certainly hope you all got some rest. And, better the hoodie than the heart left in San Francisco. :d&r:

I hope you find something nice in Perry, butters. The population sounds nice too.

Chores of various types await me today and that’s about all that is on my list to do.

Happy Moonday!

Freakin’ 21 degrees at the park this morning.
Only two people and three dogs.
I got there late; my poor babies only got about a half hour of park time.
They’ll have to deal with it.

Glad you had a safe trip Dicey

Hope all goes well with buying and selling Butters

A hot bath is on the agenda this morning.
I’ve been home for over an hour and I’m still cold.

Morning all. Ended up staying awake until after 1am so slept until 8am today. Just need to get my sammich from Jersey MIke’s today, no shopping needed.

Leaving Wednesday for Brother’s new digs, they moved to a smaller house last month and are still getting things in order, so I’m staying at a nearby hotel (pretty cheaply over the holidays) for 4 nights. Heading home Sunday.

Much cooler, 40F now heading for 53F, but at least no rain in the forecast.

Butters, don’t rush too much to buy a house; you want this to be the retirement place, not a big disappointment down the road. Took me 4 days and about 20 visits to find my house in 1997, but I’m still here and hope to remain for years yet.

dicey, glad your travels went well, even sans hoodie.

OK, onward and upwards into the week.

Not even 10:30 a.m. on a Monday morning and I’m already over this week/month/year.

New kid at work is making me prickly. I feel bad … but he just gets under my damn skin, and then I feel like a bad person. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m trying to be better, I swear.

BTW, Butters, when I pulled up Perry, FL on Google maps, the first thing that jumped out at me was the Walmart Supercenter! You’re going to be living in civilization!! :rofl:

Just purchased insurance for our boat. So that’s good. Now I need to start the process to change FCD to Consumer Cellular and save us some bucks. Then I’ll call the cable company to find out what the current rates are, since they won’t provide that info on line. Stoopit Atlantic Broadband. They just don’t want current customers to know what kind of deals new customers can get.

Morning, all. Bright, shiny, cold day outside. The First Day of Winter Break and the cats chivvied me up before 7am for their breakfast. As usual. Spent the weekend sporadically motivated to clean the garage and office. An on-going labor worthy of Hercules, so it’s going to take time. Marked the area in the back yard where I want to plane a pomegranate tree, so now it’s soak with water, wait, dig a little, soak with water, etc. If I can get a nice little depression started all the rain slated for the rest of the week ought to soak in and make finishing the hole a whole lot easier! It will also do wonders for California’s drought. We have already jumped from 18% of average snowpack to 98% in just 2 weeks. More, please. We have many years to make up for and many reservoirs to fill.

Showered, shaved, and ingesting caffeine. There’s a beating today at 10:00, so I thought I’d make myself presentable. I may even put on a shirt and a bow tie. The beating will be a training session that should take an hour. Sounds boring.

Mornin, all. I got an email over the weekend from the gift store lady asking for some more product, so that’s nice. But it will put off my travel plans by a day. Won’t be heading Maine-wards until wednesday now.

Onwards to the rest of the day.

Perry, Fl has real dirt, though sandy, but not solid rock like here. I can plant me some pretty flowers. And there will not be stairs and the cost of living is much less. Can get a decent house for $150 ish. Live off the proceeds of this house and A/C company until full retirement age of 66 years and 10 months. I have a long time to go. It’s only 552 miles from here so I truly may just go check it out in a couple days

And Walmart. Has its advantages. Ocala and the area my son lives in is just to peoply.

Go watch Unforgivable on Netflix. Fantastic movie.I cut the cord. So now I only pay for internet. Will miss seeing my boyfriend, David Muir, live but can catch it the next day on Hulu.

Moooommmm there are roads I can go meet you in Ocala. Also I will be very close to the coast so y’all can boat there.

Looks like the beating was in error. There’s a real beating Wednesday. But today? I showered and shaved for nothing!

Oh no! :scream:

I lived in Florida for 15 years and never heard of Perry, but if you like it that’s good enough for me, Butters.

We’re at the little house again for the holidays. Wifey is now vowing that we will be out of the big house and have it up for sale by Feb 1st. I’m thinking we might better have ordered that 10 yard dumpster from Waste Management that she turned her nose up at. She tried to order a 4 yard dumpster but hey said they didn’t have any.
Anyway, we drove over with a pickup truck load yesterday. ~100 miles of rain and then ~40 miles of snow. I’d wished I haven’t procrastinated and gone ahead and gotten studded tires on the truck, but we only had to slow down a couple of times. Good times.

Son-in-law’s mother turned 100 yesterday. We were sorry that we didn’t go down to Eugene for her birthday party, but that’s ~100 miles down I-5. Yuck. Sadly, we don’t think she’ll make it to 101, but who knows.

Well, that’s enough from me. Y’all have a great Christmas.

Thank Ghu today is the weekly “Meet a buddy for a couple of beers” day. Continued cleaning the floor and closet of the office this morning. Most of the stuff I found was Dee’s. Or my mother’s. Mostly stuff that can be tossed, but seeing it all and touching it all has given me more than a touch of melancholy. Not to mention finding where all the Christmas decorations were stashed. Not to mention finding 4 minis of Tito’s in with the decorations. Those I can put to use!

The mince mini-tarts are finished and came out great. I made my own candied orange and lemon peel for the filling. I’ll buy the seafood for the paella on Friday, I’m thinking. The pouring rain is supposed to let up later today and we may even get a bit of (gasp!) sun later in the week.

My son and his spouse sent us Indian food via Goldbelly for Christmas. The package included rack of lamb, butter chicken, chicken tikka, biryani, and naan. Enough for three or four days worth of meals. We order our NYC bagels through Goldbelly, as well.

Well, we’re not going back to cable. The package we’d want would cost over $200 per month, compared to the $125 we’re paying now for internet and streaming. So that’s that.

I’ve got some steaks being sous vide’d (is to a term) and I’ve pulled a couple of twice-baked spuds out to thaw. Quick and easy supper.