4 year olds locked in hot car as punishment

Why are some people so fucking stupid?

There is no excuse for anybody to intentionally put a child in locked car on a hot,(it was 98 degrees yesterday) sunny day.

“Hey honey, the boys are not playing nice, so I think I’ll go put them in the oven to teach them a lesson.”

And there is no way to plead ignorance, “Gee honey, I didn’t know that could hurt em.” With a baby decently dying in the Twin Cities, due to being left in the car, and with Korey Stringer’s heat related death, they had to know that this was not a good idea.

And why the HELL did the police release the kids back to the parents?

Charge them with willful negligence, child endangerment, attempted manslaughter, JonBenet’s murder, Chandra Levy’s disappearance and the Kennedy assinations.

Stick it to em, make them squeal.


Can we lock the parents in a hot car for a few hours?

JeeeZUS! As if losing a couple kids every year accidentally wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got loozers like these.

Yeah, I saw this. I was there that day. Not while this was happening though. Unfortunately. I would have ripped those parents a new one. Like anything they have in the Barnes & fucking Noble is that important. Oh wait. They have a coffeeshop in there, don’t they? :rolleyes:

To demonstrate how hot it gets in a car, the locoal tv news showed that someone actually baked a batch of cookies on their dashboard.

The article says that Social Services are pursuing the case, and they probably WILL get in deep trouble. For that matter, once THEY get into your life, you’re already in deep trouble.

Jail time would be appropriate, IMHO. They should have taken the kids away immediately and sent them to Child Protective Services or something.

They did the ubiqitious local TV segment on the dangers of hot cars and showed a clip of a few kids in a hot car while their mother was inside. The cop proceeds to hand them water through an open window until the mother comes back and gets a stern warning.

WHAT THE FUCK? If I were the cop I would break every fucking window in the entire car. Tell the mother you were saving lives, preventing child abuse, etc. Every time I saw it the same thing…Child in Car = Busted windshield. Works for me.

I saw this piece as well, or perhaps it was a different one, but the way I saw it, the cop arrived on the scene, saw the kid was dehydrated, pale, sweating, and before breaking him out he wanted to give him something to drink to attend his immediate need. By the time he had the drink through the window, the mother had returned and (at least in the story I saw) she was arrested. (this was in Chicago)

Can we finally admit that there are bad parents in the world or is someone going to come in and say “you don’t have kids, you don’t know how hard it is”


No jarbabyj there are bad parents. I have a 5 year-old myself and while it is hard to raise children what these people do is totally unexcusable.

I have never been able to understand the mentality of some of these people. The thought of any harm coming to my child is enough to make me go crazy. The thought of me causing my child harm of any type is just completely unimaginable.

People who do this type of things to their children are just completely mad.

Stupid fucking morons! There is absolutely no excuse for what they did to those kids. I don’t care how badly my child behaves in a store, endangering them in this way is never an option. I say the parents punishment should be sitting in a hot car for 20 minutes while all the onlookers are sipping iced tea, eating ice cream cones and telling them how ignorant they are. They also need to take parenting classes and need to learn about heat related illnesses/death. Assholes!

Oh, GOD this is too tempting. :smiley: You know I love you, jarbaby, but…

[biting sarcasm]

" You’ve no clue how hard it is. They want food. They want water. They want clothing. They want every fucking plastic toy that every fucking fast food joint in North America is hocking AND THEY WANT IT RIGHT NOW.

Personally, if people cared at all about the proper raising of children, there’d be volunteer day care providers in each and every goddamned parking lot, so that they could leap forward in a flurry of selfless humanitarianism and watch the kids of poor defenseless women just like that woman, whilst she shops.

[/ biting sarcasm off]

In a perfect world, she’d lose them to CPS. This isn’t a perfect world. They could have died. Fucking waste of humanity. :mad:


The stupidity of some people ceases to amaze me.

Yup, pretty stupid. Anyone knows if you really want to punush the little bastards, you put them in the trunk!

Now, now, folks. I don’t think we should get so riled up.

This is pure Darwinism in action. I mean, rarely do we get to see such a great example of those with weak genes being eliminated.

I mean, I don’t want to see innocent children harmed, but I also don’t want to see the gimpy antelope taken down by the cheetahs. That’s the way the world works.

And now the officer has shown up and perhaps saved the life of the child… this time. Who knows how the next generation of this feeble brood will fare? Stupid, incompetant, reckless, ignorant, and cruel individuals don’t raise great kids.

And the beat goes on.

It’s not the parent’s fault! Do you have ANY idea how difficult it can be to sip your iced Frappachino while your little ones are running amok, hollering and creating a scene? How terribly embarassing for them! I would have done the same thing they did. 100 degrees out and the car is good and hot? Perfect. That will learn the little bastards. Now where’s my Frappachino- it’s hotter then hell out in that parking lot! I wouldn’t even be in this overheated state if those little snot-nosed brats hadn’t forced me to go back outside (in the HEAT!!) and lock them in the car. Inconsiderate little trolls.
Hey honey, while we’re out shopping can we buy a puppy and chain him up to a tree out back all year long with no attention? (except, of course, when we yell or the kids kick him)


(this post has been closed captioned for the sarcasm impaired)

And once again, though I’m gonna get flamed for this-you need a license to fish, but any moron can be a parent. And note, people I do NOT mean everyone can conceive a child, okay? You KNOW what I mean!

Exactly. Perhaps the cops just didn’t catch these parents on their best day. We must remember, parenting is difficult and we should try to relieve the parents of all responsibility whenever possible, because we don’t know the whole story. :smiley:

Seriously though. I can barely stand outside IN THE FRESH OPEN AIR today. I can’t imagine how those children felt. It makes me nauseous.


If my memory serves me well, and I think it does, heat stroke can sometimes result in permanent sterility in men. Reduced male fertility is also possible.
Yes. “Darwinian selection” may well be the applicable term here.
A “next generation” may not be possible.

Here is a link to a follow up story in our local newspaper. I don’t know how long this link will last. I wonder why they haven’t released the names of the parents.

Because not everyone is able to articulate their outrage so eloquently as we, and deal with it in a non-physical manner.

There are those out there who would take their moral outrage, and hunt down the parents. I don’t believe in vigilantism. I’d guess that is why they are not releasing the parents’ names.