40 Million Booties

So the folks over at the christian pizza parlor have thought of a great way to celebrate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Their plan is to pile up forty million baby booties on the steps of the capital, to symbolize aborted fetuses. Apparently this shocking display will convince wayward teens not to abort their unwanted progeny.

My first thought was, right on! Forty million whining infants that didn’t happen. Forty million less people taking up space on this crowded earth. Forty million women who didn’t have to have to defer their dreams to unwanted kids. Forty million women that didn’t face the coathanger. (of course I am overdramatizeing a bit, no pro-choice person is actually for more abortions)

Honestly, they just don’t get it. This will be a poignent display to them, and them only. They will envision forty million murdered babies, and get approriately teary eyed. They will wax poetic about all those “little feet that were never tickled, never played with by their mother”. The rest of us (includeing their precious wayward teens) will envision…um…forty million lumps of fetal tissue. We will envision a bunch of feet that never existed. Then we shall shrug, thank goodness for our rights, and ignore the fanatic.

There is NO BABY in the picture for us at that point. If there is no baby, we are not gonna feel bad that it doesn’t exist! I just hope they don’t do all this work for a messege that just isn’t going to work.

When has that ever stopped them before? :rolleyes:


See if you can convince 'em to change the display to forty million dirty diapers. Babies ain’t all about booties, ya know…

just pile up 40 million placentas on the steps of the parlor.

“That’s what would be made if there were 40 million babies!”

Nice rant, good show, and all that.
At least they’re not spending their time making bombs and killing doctors.

TRUE !!!

I’d just like to point out that we (those of us who are pro-life) are not all like this.

Thank goodness… although the behavior of the rest of you isn’t exactly sterling either. :rolleyes:

Perhaps someone should suggest to these activists that after they’ve “made their point” with the huge pile of booties that they should be donated to impoverished children. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part, because, after all, they really don’t care about the children after they’ve been BORN.

Wait a minute . . . I will buy that 40 million booties implies 40 million feet . . . but that should still damn well only imply 20 million babies. Or fetuses. Or whatever.

I can’t believe you people all think this is so funny! I’m pro-choice too, but that doesn’t mean it’s cool to make jokes about dead babies! It’s one thing to talk about overpopulation and the plight of unwanted children, but to reduce abortion to a good way to prevent a screaming nuisance is really ill.

Humor is humor, and I don’t often fault anyone for sick jokes, but the way everyone else on the board came back with a big “right on” to sven’s comment about “forty million whining infants” pissed me off. Try to inject a little emotion into your rampant, mindless liberalism, people. Abortion is serious.

Damn it. Could you please specify which kind of booty in your future post titles? I had a completely different sort of booty in mind and was gearing up for forty million of them. The letdown is incalculable.

I’m pro-choice but squeamish, if that makes sense, and I don’t have anything against it. I don’t really find it all that different than the anti-tobacco people piling up bodybags (with simulated bodies)(jeez, at least I hope they’re simulated.) on a corner of downtown DC. Both are using overly dramatic means to make their point and maybe get some ink for their cause.

So is anyone getting worked up over that one? Or is it strictly a “I support that overly dramatic but ultimately pointless act of attention getting protest because I support the cause” type of thing?

Wouldn’t that be filable under ‘intellectual dishonesty’?

If you really want a protest rant how about we hear from others (like me) who live in Washington DC and have to put up with protesters every damn six months.

Yo! People! I’m fucking glad you care! Now get off my damn subways and out of my damn restaurants and OUT OF MY DAMN TOWN!"


Sorry. Carry on.

WHy not 40 million condoms? For those who should’ve used birth control but didn’t?

Kyomara, if all you get in the Pit are jokes about dead babies, you’ll count yourself lucky and like it!

Because no one should be using birth control, either. No one should be fucking outside of marriage, and all babies conceived within marriage must be born.

I mean… :rolleyes: sheesh.

Can I really be the first?

What’s worse than ten dead babies in one trashcan?

You all know the answer to that. And to what’s grosser.

You know, if the money, time and effort that it would take to create and ship 40 million baby booties were spent on adoption and education, maybe there would actually BE LESS ABORTIONS!

This pointless gesture is all the more appalling when you consider what they COULD be doing with the money.

This week the front page of section three of our local paper was almost wholly devoted to a Catholic middle school class who is going to plant 200 crosses outside a local abortion clinic to symbolise the 200 abortions carried out in the US per day. [sarcasm]Of course, all the kids in the class are acting entirely of their own volition, and the teachers and staff had absolutely nothing to do with this.[/sarcasm]

Some of the kids in the class were interviewed with their “thoughts” on abortion. All I can say is, if you think anti-abortion adults are scary you should hear what the kids have to say. One of them was saying how she celebrated (in a chaste, Christian sort of way I presume) when Bush was confirmed as president because she knew Roe v. Wade would be overturned during the next four years. Another was saying how he’d attended anti-abortion rallies with his kids “all his life” (he was about 13).

This is one thing I did not miss about the States when I was living in the UK :frowning:

Or 40 million pirates.

Or butt-kicking contest runners-up.

Or babies named Aileen.

Or diddle-diddle-dumpling-my-sons-John.

-The Man Who