40 Year Old Virgin on network television

It just started on NBC, and they had to edit Andy’s neighbor’s dialogue from “that guy needs to get laid” to “that guy needs to get a woman.”

They can’t say laid on NBC? This movie’s going to get butchered.

Cal’s horse fucking story got changed to him going to a strip club for two days straight, and that somehow being disgusting.

that’s why R movies shouldn’t be shown on TV. I’d rather not see it than have it be butchered.

Agreed. Makes the Sci-Fi channel a joke most of the time.

With all the other options for seeing movies at home, I’m surprised they are even shown on network television anymore.

You can thank the World Series. They’re not exactly unleashing their top material tonight.

And who the hell is even in the Series this year? God knows I’m not watching it.

I saw an ad for that, and immediately thought: 1) Won’t they have to change or remove half the dialogue? and 2) I had no idea they even still showed theatrical releases on network tv.

Those of us in my age group grew up knowing that, if we missed a movie at the theatre, we were out of luck unless it showed up on a network – heavily censored and broken up by commercials. I’m certainly not nostalgic for that.

Here in southeast Michigan, they didn’t just remove a line or a scene, they removed the whole movie. The local NBC affiliate is showing Three Amigos instead.

They show them uncut here on Free To Air TV; complete with all the “Fucks” and “Cunts” and “Motherfuckers” and what have you- but they have to show them after a certain time at night.

A few years ago Channel 10 ran Pulp Fiction uncut; and Californication is broadcast on Channel 10 at around 9.30pm with all the boobs and “fucks” and what have you. I’ve also seen American Pie on TV here uncensored too.

I can’t imagine they’d have to change anything to get The 40 Year Old Virgin on TV here- given some of the stuff they broadcast on SBS (Sex Before Soccer, as it’s nicknamed- it’s a great channel, BTW :D) then I don’t think The 40 Year Old Virgin is going to pose any problems.

If only they’d introduce an “R” rating for Computer Games, and then I’d be completely happy with the OFLC and our Classification System/Broadcast Standards…

Try writing for these motherfuckers, someday. We come up with all sorts of creative ways to get around it, sometimes, but we can only do so much. (I’m talkin’ television here, of course).

We’re also limited on the amount of blood and gore we can show, depending on our slot and our carrier. It gets frustrating. I mean, I blow people up for a living, damn it! :wink:

Still, I get amused at how I can use “Son of a bitch!” relatively liberally on prime time (broadcast, no less!) but can’t say “God damn it”. Also, I can call you an “ass” (but not necessarily an asshole) and a “douche bag”, but I can’t say “shit”. Where’s the justice!

Technically, according to FCC rules, stations here can air mature content after 10 PM, too. I imagine the reasons they don’t are obvious. Huge public outcry against the airing, which might lead to investigation by the FCC and a review of the station’s license and a hard time getting advertisers to sponsor such material. Cable channels aren’t regulated here, so this might have been a better fit on FX or Comedy Central. Comedy Central even airs material completely uncensored after about 10 or 11 o’clock.

Love the movie, have probably seen it more than a dozen times. I tried to watch it on NBC specifically to see how badly they butchered it. Very badly. I was flipping back and forth between it and something else, so I only saw parts, but the confrontation scene with Jay and the guy who wants the free extended warranty (“Rolling 20’s, nigga, since I was 16! We fuck dwarves in the ass!”) was so different that it changed the tone too much - on NBC, I felt a little bad that Jay treated him so poorly, because, in the TV cut, the customer was pretty polite!

Did they even have the “pussy juice cocktail” discussion, or was it completely gone?


Hey, that discussion was not about the pussy juice cocktail, it was about LOVE.


Yeah, I’m curious to know what Jay would accuse Andy of putting on a pedestal. :smiley:

Awesome movie. Vulgar as hell yet incredibly sweet, too. But without the vulgarity, you lose half the movie! Cal and Jay (Seth Rogan and Romany Malco) couldn’t have had very many lines left. Probably reduced the film to just the storyline with Catherine Keener.

My brother just got a new high definition television, and discovered by watching a few minutes of 40 Year Old Virgin that the image quality was much better than what he can get from his DVD player.

Despite that, he opted to watch a movie on DVD.

Of course, there are more important things in life than image quality, and I’m not all that convinced that a “clean” version of a movie I believe to be too vulgar for my taste is really a good way to spend my time–especially if it has commercials.

I only saw part of the scene in the bar during the “use your peripherals” scene. Jay is pointing out the girl “in the purple dress”, when if I recall he’s actually referring to the girl “with the big tits”, or at least that’s what it looks like he’s saying. I can’t figure out why they dubbed in “purple” instead of “pink”. “Pink dress” sounds a lot closer to “big tits” than “purple dress” does.

And yet, ‘get laid’ was on an ‘Earl’ episode I watched off the DVR last night.




A question about the changed lines: do they dub in new lines via a voice-over, or do they shoot alternate versions and lines “just in case” they need to put out a “safer” version?

So I’m not crazy! I saw 40YOV in the cable guide, tuned in, saw 3 Amigos, and figured I had looked at the wrong day or time. Any idea what was up with that?