Why did they cut this scene from 40 Year Old Virgin on HBO?

I was watching 40 Year Old Virgin on HBO last night. In the scene at the bar, when Andy agrees to go out with the guys for the first time, wearing the yellow shirt, Jay is talking to him about looking for drunk women.

The movie then immediately cut to everyone sitting around the table with the bachelorette party girls.

I was dumbfounded. They cut out the whole scene where Jay talked to him about using his peripherals, then he goes up to a “too drunk” girl, then he asks Cal where the drunk people are, at which time Cal says one of the funniest lines in the movie “I…Captain Yellowshirt” and tells him that he found them a bunch of girls from a bachelorette party.

I mean, every other dirty scene was left intact, including all the dildo jokes when they were at the table just afterwards. Why would they cut that scene out?

Simple time limitations?

On HBO? It isn’t like they have to make room for commercials.

Was that scene in the theatrical release? I remember it too, but I watched it on a “Director’s Cut” DVD or something. I think I did, anyway.

Well I have the DVD, so of course I watched it right away to confirm that I wasn’t insane. I don’t think I have the Director’s Cut DVD.

(Another funny thing is that Pam, Paul Rudd’s ex-girlfriend, is one of the actresses from The Office. That was a pleasant surprise, not having seen it since I became a fan of The Office).

Yeah, Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapoor, is also one of the writers on The Office. They’re all friends, and I’ve been hoping that if the U.S. series follows the storyline of the original BBC Office where they combine their office with the staff of another branch, Paul Rudd would be perfect to play the “Neil” character who comes in as Michael Scott’s boss – younger, more charismatic, and a better overall leader (much to Michael’s chagrin).

According to IMDB there is an “Unrated” version of the DVD that is 133 minutes, versus the R-rated version (theatrical release?) that is 117 minutes.

Yeah - you know it’s not really that relevant to the OP - but I just want to throw this out there: The R-rated theatrical version is MUCH better than the Unrated version. The pacing in the Unrated version is terrible. (Although there are some ridiculously funny lines that didn’t make the cut, so I can see why they wanted to release an unrated version).

Overall, I can honestly say this is one film where the uncut version is worse than the original. (And that’s a whole nother thread - I guarantee you).

That actually sounds like a good idea, do you mind?

Nope. Knock yourself out.

Was that adequate evidence of your sanity? If I were in that situation, I might need some more convincing of my sanity. Fortunately, there’s no sanity clause in my contract.

aww, come on… there ain’t no Sanity Clause!

btw, I just caught the end of 40yoVthe other night & need to watch the whole thing now as the final musical number sent me into hysterical laughter. Why? I’m 44 & that particular song was my favorite when it was first released.

You mean “Aquarius” or “Just Got Lucky”?

Aquarius… definitely.

The funny part is that I was a lad in elementary school (4th-5th grade?) when the Fifth Dimension’s version came out, so Andy would have probably first heard the song in 1st grade & retained it for that long!