"400 Bad Request" error on Android

For about three weeks now, I frequently get the error “400 Bad request. Your browser sent an invalid request” when opening pages on the Dope. It only happens with my Android tablet, either in Dolphin or the built in Android browser, and only on the SDMB. Sometimes a page reload solves the problem, other times certain pages stay unresponsive for an undetermined time, while others work just fine at the same time.

Using Windows, I never encountered this error. Granted, Dolphin and/or my tablet don’t seem to be the most stable combination with frequent browser crashes, but it happens with the standard Android browser too and never on other sites than the Dope.

Can anybody explain this, or better, hint at a solution?

I’m giving this one bump because the problem still persists. In the meantime, I could confirm that when the problems arise in Android, at the same time I can open the unresponsive pages on my Windows notebook. So it’s really somehow the combination of Android and the Dope that triggers the error.

Are you running an adblocker or any other type of proxy on your phone?

Have you tried the free version of Tapatalk, and seen if it works? It’s contacting the same servers, so if the problem is with the connection, it should fail, too.

Yes, I’m using Adblock, I’ll try to disable it and see if it fixes the error when I get home from work. I didn’t know there was a free version of Tapatalk, and I’ll give it a try too.

I also get those errors, but only on my Android phone. Usually going back and resending the request resolves the issue.