Why do I get this error on my BlackBerry?

I’m curious about a recent phenomenon that is happening when I attempt to open SDMB pages on my BlackBerry.

For example, I successfully get onto the Front Page, and then into a forum, like About this Message Board. (I do see current data here).
Then, when I click on a thread title, an error message pops up:

There is an OK button and a Details button. Clicking on the Details buttons displays this message:

I was able to use my BlackBerry to browse the forums just fine up until about a week ago.
Any thoughts?

Is the BB your personal device or your employer’s?

It is my employer’s. As additional info, I do not get the error when going onto the boards from my employer’s desktop computer.

Can you try visiting a few other well-known message boards to see if there isn’t some kind of content filtering recently put in place by your employer?

Did you recently install OS6? I have found my Blackberry browser is now virtually unusable. If this isn’t corrected, I will not be buying another Blackberry.