Unable to access the SDMB from Dolphin

This started happening several days ago. I can access, log in, etc from Chrome on my macbook, but my dolphin browser on mobile cannot access SDMB, or straightdope.com.

It hangs for a moment then returns error 400, ‘size of a request header field exceeds server limit.’

Please advise, thanks!

Dolphin has been weird for a few days for me, but I’ve had no actual connection problems, with the Dope or other sites. There was an update yesterday or the day before - have you installed it?


No problem here. I’m posting this from my Driod X2 running Dolphin 8.2.1

huh. I keep getting that error, dolphin is latest update on AT&T Galaxy S2 (gingerbread).

I’ve cleared cookies, cache, rebooted many times but still nothing.

It’s the only website I’ve found with this error. Very frustrating.

I didn’t know Aquaman was a Doper. :smiley:

Unless someone who uses Dolphin can help you, there’s nothing we can do here, sorry.

Nothing on the Dope has changed – it’s the same ol’ same ol’.

“My ability to talk to fish is of no use here, Wonder Woman!” :slight_smile:
So much for the seaman, over here I can report that I have no problem on a Motorola smart phone with Dolphin.