5 CRPF men killed in J&K by Islamic terrorists

Just another mundane, normal day in the history of worldwide Islamic terrorism from India to middle East, Africa to Europe to China and ASEAN.

20 injured, the death toll goes up to 8.

Terrorists belonged to Pakistani group Lashkar e toiba that has also executed November 2008 attacks in Mumbai killing 160+ people.

What is a J&K, other than the primary team in the Men in Black movies?


Jammu and Kashmir , the full name of the Indian state in the north which is also claimed and partly occupied by Pakistan .

Wars have been fought over it and there is a long standing insurgency

So does that make it Islamic terrorism or Pakistani freedom fighting?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Depends on if you are Indian or Pakistani.

Well, I’ll be happy to express some outrage for the sake of the OP, if that actually helps anything.

I’m outraged.


Bahut dhanyavaad.