5 (or more) year old girl scout cookies, yum! (Tell your old food stories)

The year was 1974. The location was the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY.

The old medical school downtown was abandoned but students were frequently scavaging through the building, some authorized, some not.

Our ROTC unit went down to recover some metal lockers and of course we went exploring. I don’t know how he found it, but my friend Joe Gretch got into a room that hadn’t been ransacked before. We found a huge pile of metal containers labeled commodity saltine crackers; commodity meaning pre WW2? This is 1974 remember?

Anyway, we were starving college students so we loaded them up and took them back to the main campus. We let Joe eat all he wanted to see if he dropped dead before we tried any. They were just a little flat but tasty, very tasty.

I can testify that a diet of WW2 commodity saltines and store brand jelly for 2 weeks will garantee that you will NEVER be constipated for the rest of your life.