My shipment of Girl Scout cookies has arrived !!!

I contracted with a stateside colleague to mule in some cookies and they just arrived. My courier said they made it through the customs check with just a cursory glance. I opened a box of Thin Mints and locked the rest - Charmel DeLites, Lemonades, Shortbread - Peanut Butter Sandwiches - in my cabinet until I leave for the day.

By the way, am I the only one that puts the Thin Mints and Lemonades in the freezer ? Mrs DrumBum thinks I’m nuts but they are much better chilled. :smiley:

I noticed the GS had their usual table set up the other day in front of the grocery store. Could there be some kind of nexus between the Arrival of the Girl Scout Cookies and the dissolution of everyone’s New Years resolutions? Hmmm…

Never had the Lemonades, but yes the Thin Mints go straight to the freezer. Remove each handy single serving sleeve from box and place in the freezer for easy snacking.

Which reminds me, there is a box of those peanut butter cookies waiting for me at home…

Anybody try the Aldi brand faux girl-scout cookies? I was at a Halloween party last year and the host had a bunch of them laid out on a table. I asked “aren’t girl-scout cookies kind of pricey to put this many out?” She said “No, these are the Aldi ones.”
They tasted the exact same to me. My wife said the faux thin mints actually tasted better.

Never tried the Aldi ones but Keebler makes some too. Once I tried those, I stopped buying GS cookies because I figure I can get these any time. Although they don’t make any lemon cookies so…

BUT! I do support the Girl Scouts, and was one myself. I donate at least $5 cash to any troop I see out peddling cookies. They get more out of that money anyway and I don’t have to feel bad about having a fake Samoa. Win-win!

Girl Scout Cookie season gets longer every year. Almost as bad as Christmas. OP must be in a GSC-starved region. You can’t swing a dead cat around here without running into a cherub-faced cutie armed with Snickerdoodles. It was worse at work. Not only were the folks with kids pedaling it without remorse, but a lot of folks, wishing to help their own supplicant friends and relatives, would leave boxes of GSCs out for the entire season. I sold them for a few years for the little duck, but jeeze, open cookies were always in our face. Of course, I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem for some of you guys. :wink:

My mother is a music teacher. Doubtless several of her students have hit her up to place an order, but mom has worked so hard to lose a tremendous amount of weight. Don’t think she will order for herself.

But she sent me an email to ask which GS cookies I liked. Since I’ll be visiting her in early April i think I’ll be getting some Thin Mints, not that I need them.

my favorite is Thin mints, I get them at the store when I have a hankering

They used to make something called Savannahs, not sure they changed the name or dropped them. The closest I can get to them in a store are Nutter butters.

The rest are ok but I’ll stick to the thin mints

Any ideas on the generic savannah or the new name in the GSC business?

We have no GS’s come to this house but then we get no trick or treaters either…I was a GS…do they still have calendars they used to sell?

I think you’re thinking of either Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich) or Tagalongs (cookie with peanut butter, covered in chocolate). Savannah Smiles are lemon flavored.

I’d like to try Lemonades, Citrus Crisps, and Thanks-A-Lots, but unfortunately I live in a part of the country (San Francisco bay area) where they don’t sell them. Apparently, the Girl Scouts use two different bakeries, and each regional council decides somehow which one to use - and the one the San Francisco area uses doesn’t make the newest flavors for some reason.

I buy two cases of Girl Scout cookies every year. One case is all Thin Mints (12 boxes). The other case is split between Shortbread and Lemonade. The all go into the freezer. However, thanks to our ongoing attempts at changing our diet, I still have about three/four boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer from last year. I pick up this year’s crop this weekend.

Frozen Thin Mints with ice cream in the heat of July and August are wonderful!

If you really want to try them, you can make a trip down to San Luis Obispo as our council has the other cookies. The Lemonade are awesome, Thanks-A-Lots are pretty good too. The Cranberry Citrus Crisps are not very sweet. I am not a big fan.

~Wednesday, mom to a Girl Scout, and who currently has about 75 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in her garage.

Suffer the evil children to kill me with cookies!

Our counsel doesn’t sell the Lemonades, but the Thin Mints are indeed best from the freezer, as are Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties in Lemonade-land). Any other way is just wrong and uncivilized.

Don’t forget to pair them with a proper wine…

I don’t quite get all the fuss about the Thin Mints. They’re pretty decent and all but they’re not the best Girl Scout cookie made.

Samoas. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Our council sells Do Si Dos which are basically the same - peanut butter sandwich cookies.

Look online, you may be able to find a schedule of ‘booth sales’ (where they set up a table in front of local businesses) near you - we see them at several local places this time of year.

And yes, we were also given catalogs of calendars and assorted giftcrap to sell in the fall. All us parents rolled out eyes and tossed them without trying to sell anything.

Not quite the same thing, but Lady SCAdian knew a man who bought 26 boxes of Thin Mints every year. He’d keep one sleeve of them out for immediate consumption, and put the other 51 sleeves in the freezer - and then every week he’d get one sleeve out to eat.

I will be picking up 14 boxes from my dealer tomorrow afternoon. Six boxes of Thin Mints and eight assorted other flavors. Divided as follows: four boxes each for me, Suburban Plankton and LedZepKid, and two for my mother. I am not certain we have purchased enough and expect withdrawals to set in by June.