I've eaten two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies today.

And I have 8 more taunting me in the freezer.

I bought 5 boxes, and was forced to give two of them to my mother just to get them out of the house.

Thin Mints…<drool>

Why can’t the Girl Scouts sell heathly snacks like carrots and celery sticks? :smiley:

I don’t have any GS cookies but I had Ben&Jerry’s for breakfast this morning. Hey, it’s finals week. Calories don’t count.

Ohhh…I’m going to buy some tomorrow. Damn.
I just found out Tagalogs are not available in every state. Apparently I can’t get them in Michigan, according to my local GSC pusher.

Because they can’t put in the secret ingredient: crack. Well, that’s my theory, anyways. How else are they so damned addictive?

Speaking of, I think we have some Tagalongs-my cousin’s in GS.

I bought some Thin Mints on my way put of the grocery store a couple days ago. I am not supposed to eat those. At all. But I did.

I ended up sealing the cookies in a tupperware with duct tape, stacking it on top of my husband’s lunch for him to take in the morning, with a note stuck to it:

“CRACK! CRACK! THIS IS CRACK FROM THE GIRL SCOUTS! TAKE IT AWAY! CRACK!” And one more, smaller “CRACK!” fit onto the bottom of the note.

Ha! Only one and a half boxes in two days.

It’s not fair, I just started Weight Watchers again… how am I ever supposed to keep to my points limit with trefoils & thin mints in the world?

Stupid Girl Scouts.
With their delicious cookies.

Email me and I’ll send you my address. We’ll take care of your problem once and for all.

I was seriously thinking of sneaking out today to the nearby QFC and buying up some more from those little cretins. And I woke up with a raging flu, and was going to go anyway. Armed with flu medicine and my tissue box. I’d probably scare them. Wait, maybe that’s a good angle… scare them all away, steal the cookies… yes.

(Are they charging you guys $4 a box? Why, when** I** was a Girl Scout… grumble grumble)

They’re going to be wheeling me into the emergency room with a busted gallbladder, and me covered in empty cookie boxes. I’ll wave the empty boxes at people, high on morphine, screaming, “IT WAS WORTH IT!”

We bought some Thin Mints the other day. The girls had a bunch of different varieties but I didn’t see any Tagalongs. They’d better not be hoarding them all for themselves. Hoarding makes your merit badges fall off. It’s a baaad, baaad thing.

Tsk, tsk.

$3.50 for 9oz of cookies here, holy crap. You pay $4.00?

Surely, you jest?

That’s what they were going for a couple days ago outside the grocery store a couple blocks from my place, yep.

When I was a Girl Scout, we sold 'em for a buck. That was in 1986. 20 years ago. Holy cow, when did I start getting old?! No one informed me! :eek:

I feel better about those chocolate bars I have been steadily consuming now. But… chocolate is good for you!

I got Do-Si-Dos, Samoas and Thin Mints delivered to my door on Sunday by real girl scouts.

We still have a few cookies left. Just a few. :smiley:

mmm god…i didn’t konw they were out…but the samoas and the thin mints are wonderful

i’m a poor college student…i’m so glad i haven’t seen them yet.

let’s hope i don’t bump into them in school, or else i’m fucked.

maybe i should just keep my wallet in my room…

GS cookies here are 4 bucks a box.

When I was a GS they were 2.50

Damn, and smaller now too, twice the price half the cookie!!

We don’t have Girls Scout cookies over here in the Netherlands. But I did eat a troopleader once. For free.


My daughter is a Brownie. Pity me. My family of 4 tore through 10 boxes of GS cookies in less than two days. I still have about 75 boxes sitting in my living room waiting to be delivered; I’d better do it soon or my husband is going to crack.