Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints

OK, I am living in Italy and all and I came across some girl scout cookies. When people think girlscout cookies they immediatly think THIN MINTS right? Being all excited I bought my self a whole bunch for a extreamly large amount of money for what it is worth and went home to munch munch munch… only to find… THESE COOKIES SUCK! has anyone had this experiance lately? I got some of these peanut butter cookie things they call tagalongs, those are pretty good… But the all mighty thin mint just sucked big booty… So here I sit, hungry, eating sucky cookies with no milk… I just want a nice warm hotdog with mustard and kraut…

Don’t like the thin mints, huh? I’m sorry to hear that. Well, if you’re looking to offload them I’ll send you my street address.

-Strainger, who could eat an entire box (at least) of thin mints in one sitting, which is why he doesn’t buy Girl Scout cookies.

Thin Mints are quite possibly the worlds perfect food. The Soylent Green of chocolaty minty goodness. I could write epic poetry about the good times that I have had with my Thin Mints.

The Girl Scouts that live in my neighborhood always come to my house because they know that I am good for 10 boxes each. Pop em in my freezer and I am good to go for yet another year.

Did I mention that I REALLY like Thin Mints?

I used to like them - when they were a cookie topped with the same stuff that’s in junior mints (what do you call that) and then dipped in chocolate. Then they changed. They’re not as good anymore.

Shortbread/Trefoil/whatever-they’re-called-now are perfection…

[homer] Mmmmmm, Thin Mints from the freezer. Ahhhhgggh! [/homer}

I so agree with you Gazoo. Thin mints are heaven, straight from the freezer. I do believe one of my close friends loves me even more now, I’m buying about $15-$20 of cookies from her. Oh dear, there goes all the weight I lost during soccer.


Well, now we know what happens to Girl Scouts who don’t make their quotas.

TAGALONGS are my fav, and those caramel ones with chocolate dripped on top? And shortbread… . .uummm nummy nummy.

I am picking up my scout cookies tomorrow from my sister i got 3 boxes, I bet they are gone by Thurs.

mint… .yuck!

i read in saveur recently that there are two bakeries that make girl scout cookies, and that’s why they can have different names, one bakery calls em trefoils and one calls em something else. my question: is there a true gs cookie addict here who can tell us which bakery makes better cookies? tagalongs and lemon cremes (a recent addition by one of those bakeries) are my faves, and thin mints arent near as good as they usta be.

Keebler’s Grasshoppers are almost the same as Thin Mints without the goo, at least to what my husband refers to as my own ‘cracker palate’. Snackwells makes one with the goo- I forget what exactly they’re called. OK, looking at website…
“SnackWell’s Mint Creme Sandwich”. OK, no points for creativity, but what the hell, it’s more accurately descriptive than ‘Grasshopper’


Wow, they would last you an entire year! You must not like them that much. :wink: They wouldn’t have a chance of lasting a month in my house. :smiley:


Of course I do buy 10 boxes from each Girl Scout that comes by, plus another 10 or so from the girls in front of the grocery store. :slight_smile: I love me some Thin Mints.


Sounds like you do other things with them besides put them in your mouth … ick.

I just got my GS cookies delivered today, and I thought the Thin Mints didn’t taste quite as perfect as I have fond memories of them being. Whose bright idea was it to tamper with a perfect recipe?

I definitely don’t think the Snackwells can even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Thin Mints.

I think I tried the grasshoppers once, and again, they were OK, but just not the same. (BTW, I think they got the name “Grasshopper” from a mixed drink of the same name — Creme de Cacao and Creme de Menthe were the basis of it, I think)

And, I know this may sound like heresy — I think there’s something out on the market that surpasses the Thin Mint. Try the “Mystic Mint”. I’m pretty sure they’re by Nabisco, and when you can find them (I think they may be a seasonal item) they’re ususally right next to the fudge covered Oreos. They’re packaged the same, but in a green box. They are incredible.

Ohhhhhh, Yessssssssss…

I haven’t seen a Girl Scout, or a parent of a Girl Scout, or a grandparent of a Girl Scout, or even someone who KNOWS a Girl Scout, in so long that I thought they were just a figment of the imagination of my misguided youth. I thought I remembered happy hours spent eating Thin Mints and Samoas (as they used to be called… are they still that, or did they undergo a name change?), spending obscene amounts of money to help some poor Girl Scout earn her cookie badge and maybe, just maybe, get some little prize for selling the most cookies (yeah, if this wasn’t all a hallucination, I did the Girl Scout thing when I was a wee fishy :stuck_out_tongue: ) sigh I guess it’s nice to know that I’m not losing my mind, it’s just that I’m not loved by the Girl Scout community any more.

I’m going to go suffer with my 'Nilla Wafers now… That’s the closest I can get to satisfaction. :smiley:

Thin mints are the best things the Girl Scouts have going for them. I love to stick them in the freezer and them gobble them up.


just one wafer thin mint, monsieur…

Don’t worry if you don’t like Thin Mints, Mikey. Some people wouldn’t commit acts of violence for Chubby Hubby ice cream, either.

There’s just no figuring out some people’s taste.