In praise of Thin Mints.

Yep, it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time again, and once more, I get the sinful plesaure of consuming a whole sleeve of Thin Mint cookies without stopping. The chocolate is balanced amazingly well with the mint, with just enough of a cookie wedged between to make a perfect balancing point.

So, what is YOUR favorite GS cookie, and how many of them will you eat.

Thin mints are good, but my heart belongs to Samoas. Coconuty carmel goodness. sigh.

Mine should be delivered soon. I should have the box gone in an hour or so, but I will let the little Woodhouses have one a piece . . . if they’re good.

You are not alone in your Thin Mint love. I did site sales with my daughter last year and they were the most popular by far. It was amazing the variety of customers we got–from white-haired grannies to tattooed biker types.

I always get two boxes each of Samoas and Thin Mints. One of my coworkers turned me onto freezing the Thin Mints. Very nice that way. The Samoas wouldn’t be there long enough to get cold much less freeze though.

Thin Mints are good, but I’m with Miss Woodhouse. “Caramel Delites” or as they should be fucking called “Samoas” are the king of cookies. So yummy. So good.

I think I need some. I need to put my name on the list in the office now.

Girl Scout cookies are ALL about the Thin Mints, baby!

I buy one or two other types just to throw something to my kids and keep them at bay while I hork down the Thin Mints by myself!

You have to be careful - someone could lose a finger! :slight_smile:

The Lemonades are damn good in the afternoon with a nice cuppa tea. Almost makes it worth coming back to the office after lunch. That frozen Thin Mint idea sounds great, though.

And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin mint.
Oh, sir, it’s only a tiny, little, thin one.
No. Fuck off. I’m full.
Oh, sir. Hmm?
It’s only wafer thin.
Look. I couldn’t eat another thing. I’m absolutely stuffed. Bugger off.
Oh, sir, just-- just one.
[groaning] All right. Just one.
Just the one, monsieur. Voilà.

I haven’t tried this, but I saw it in the store yesterday.

Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream

They have Samoas as well.

I used to sell cookies as a girl scout (wow, 15 years ago… that’s a long time for a 25 yo!) and I remember thin mints being by FAR the most popular. My mom used to love them- she remembers once eating a whole box in one sitting before breastfeeding me, and said that she felt horrible when I screamed and screamed afterwards! My favorites were both the samoas-- which actually have a ridiculous amount of calories per cookie, IIRC it’s worse than an oreo-- and the ones with peanut butter inside. Mmmmmm! I was always surprised that those weren’t more popular…

Bon appeteit.

dives behind planter

Girl Scouts Do-Si-Dos (or, as they were called back in MY day, “Savannahs”) are the best cookies in the world! Yum! You take two of them apart, eat the bare cookie half of each, (just to get it over with) then mash the cream-filled halves together and have yourself a creamy peanut butter orgy.

They seemed better back in the day. But they’re still **the best cookies in the world ** and only available once a year.

God help me, I love them so, but Thin Mints ought to be illegal or something, they’re so good. They’re like the crack of American cookiedom. Nothing better with a big glass of very cold milk.

Edy’s Samoa ice cream makes me sad. The concept is so good but there’s not nearly enough ‘cookie’ in it, unless they’ve changed the recipe in the last few years (doubtful).

Take one big bowl of Sealtest Vanilla ice cream. Add one sleeve of Thin Mints. Spoon, who needs a frickin’ spoon? Use the Thin Mints.

I like it better when the Thin Mints were “cookie” colored on the inside and I wish they still had Scot Teas, with the sugar on the outside. Oh, yeah…and they were about a buck 50 a box.

Thin Mint ice cream is killer ! (out here it is called “Dreyer’s”). If you thought the cookies were addictive, wait until you have the ice cream. I love girl scout cookie time just for the seasonal ice cream !

Oh. My. God.

It’s Girl Scout cookie time again? And I’m on a diet?

hides under couch… whimpers…

I can speak authoritatively as to the popularity of the various flavors - I’m the troop Cookie Mom (third year doing the job).

We took pre-orders for 89 cases (that’s roughly 1000 boxes).

Thin Mints rule (21 cases).
Samoas are a close second (19 cases).
Do-si-dos (PB sandwich) and Tagalongs (chocolate-covered PB, a.k.a. “Peanut Butter Patties”) are third with 10 cases each.
Lemon Chalet Creme (sandwich; new this year but I think they had them a few years back also) and Trefoils made a respectable showing at 9 cases each.
All-Abouts (shortbread with chocolate on bottom) was next with 7 cases
In last place are Sugar Free Chocolate Chip.

Typo Knig and I are what’s known as a mixed marriage, however we’ve each learned to respect the other’s choices: come between me and a box of Thin Mints and I will cut you. Come between him and a box of Samoas and… well, best not to go there :slight_smile: (we will however share them with each other… and even with the kids if we have to).

Frozen Thin Mints are ohgodwhoneedsmen.

Samoas are best frozen only to keep them from going stale in the unlikely event you actually have some that don’t get inhaled in the first 2 weeks after you buy them. Their caramel is not good frozen.

Tagalongs are pretty decent frozen also. The rest of them are OK frozen but it adds nothing to the experience.

Freezing does extend the shelf life of all varieties. However this must be undertaken with some caution lest you experience the tragic accident that befell our household: a failure to close the freezer door, discovered far too long afterward to salvage anything, resulting in the loss of ::sob:: THE LAST TWO BOXES OF NOW-DISCONTINUED CAFE COOKIES.

Although Thin Mints are the traditional favorite in this house, Samoas are technically better…technically. However, Samoas come in one of those little plastic caddies whose main purpose is to take up space in the box so as to allow the cookie people the opportunity to snort derisively at the customers willing to pay for plastic caddies and not cookies. Thin Mints, OTOH, come in efficient cellophane tubes such that, truly, you the consumer is assured of getting maximum cookie goodness for your dollar.