My Girl Scout cookies are here!

Sweet, darling, adorable little blond girl just dropped of my two boxes of Girl Scouty goodness. Unfortunately, that rotten kid of mine was here when they arrived, so I’ll have to share.

How lucky that I just bought a fresh gallon of milk yesterday!

That’s all. Carry on!

Yum! Havn’t run across the scouts yet here in Nashville. I usually buy outside the grocer. Looking forward to it though with tall glasses of cold milk. Yummsters! My favs are the p’nut butter cookies. DoSiDo? I don’t remember but the scouts always know what I want from my grunts and drooling gesticulations. By the by, my two younger Sisters were scouts so I think I became addicted at an early age.

Hey FairyChatMom, what kind did you get? I ordered a box of Samoas (coconut/caramel) & a box of Thin Mints from a woman with whom I share a couple classes; two of her little darlings are Girl Scouts.

My cookies are at CrankyAsAnOldMan’s house. I was there yesterday, but they were in the car, and the huge amounts of snow (and, um, the copious amounts of alcohol I had consumed) prevented us from going outside and getting them.

Oh, the pain, the pain.

I ordered some cookies for Montfort, too, because he is living in Sweden now, and otherwise will go GS cookieless! I cannot allow such a tragedy to occur.

Got any Thin Mints? Can I come over to your house?

Darn you to heck, FCM. We’re still waiting on ours. :mad: :wink:

I think my $12 worth of GS cookies will be awaiting me tomorrow morning when I get back to work after a weeks vacation golfing in the Gulf coast of Mississippi.

Oh my God.

I just realized that I can buy Girlscout cookies now! Viva La USA!!

Hello. My name is Sunspace and I am a recovering Girl-Guide-Cookie-oholic. I–


Oh dear. I seem to have fallen off the wagon.

<looks around>


<big adorable Bambi eyes and silly grin>


And what’s all this about different types? <sudden intent look> Samoas? Like American Samoa? In T.O. we just get the traditional chocolate-and-vanilla ones in the spring and the mint ones in the fall…

Mmmm… Mint chocolate Girl-Guide cookies…


You are going to share, right FairyChatMom???

I ordered a CASE! I can’t wait 'till they get here. 11 boxes in the freezer to last me all year. I can’t wait… I can’t wait… I can’t wait… I can’t wait…

::sperfur jumps up and down like a little kid::

(cogitating) Toronto, right? Canada. Like these I surmise.

American Girl Scout cookies are made by one of two bakeries (a FAQ); different names for some varieties, slightly different tastes. A typical example of the variety is on this page or that page.

[sub]i have a lot of cookies in the kitchen. they are calling me.[/sub]

[Wednesday Addams] Are they made from real Girl Scouts? [/Wednesday Addams]

Share? Share?? Much as I luvs ya all [sub]and ya knows I does[/sub] there ain’t no way I’m sharing. All I’ve got is 2 boxes - Tag Alongs and a new one whose name I don’t remember (plain cookie with chocolate icing on the bottom. It took all my self control not to inhale them last night. My kid had one or two and her boyfriend had the good sense to keep his grubby hands off my GS cookies.

They’re waiting for me at home… the only thing to get me thru this stupid Monday at the office.

Well, interesting twist - someone in the office had been taking orders and the cookies were delivered today. They’re all over the place. My cube mate has 3 boxes, including one of Tagalongs… The poopyhead!

That’s OK. I’ll just drink my water. And I’ve got a yogurt. Who wants cookies anyway??