500 Post Party

OK - this is my 500 Post Party, so I get to make the rules!

As long as I am doing nothing more important than trying to erect a monument to my own sense of self-importance, I am going to be over-the-top asinine and arrogant about it.

So, here are the rules:

[li]No talking about sdimbert’s 500 Post Party.[/li][li]No nudity without permission (I’m a religious guy, y’know?).[/li][li]BYOB (I’m cheap, too!)[/li][li]Nobody gets in without a ticket - This is where my ego gets involved. I want to know if anybody’s been paying attention to me since I registered. So, if you want in to the Party, you need to get a ticket. They’re free, but to get one you need to provide a “sdimbert Memory;” You know, like the dumb game women play at Showers and Engagement Parties.[/li][/list=1]

That’s it… As soon as some people show up, I’ll go for the big Five-Oh-Oh.

:slight_smile: Carry on…

Okay Seth…can I call you Seth? It wasn’t in the rules…
I’m fully dressed.
And I brought my own coffee.
Your first thread was on 1.10.2000, and titled ‘A Reflective Question.’
It was about mirrors. You were directed to a column of Cecil’s to address your question.
You are a magician and find Geller’s abilities to be no more than “tricks.”
Is that what you wanted? See? I pay attention.

Now, the big question…will you show me some card tricks? I’m dying to learn some.

Congratulations on that-which-will-not-be mentioned.

There is someone out there!
:: Does a little jig :: :smiley:

Since you answered, you can call me just about anything you want!

I am impressed, stuuter - you have done your legwork. I had forgotten about that mirror question… thanks for bringing it back up!

As far as your card-trick question goes… I can show you some, but I only know three.

Yep - I said “three.” A great magician (I forget who… I think it was Robert Houdin) was once approached backstage after a show by a younger magician-fan. The young man said, “I can do over 350 card tricks! How many can you do?”

Houdin replied, “I can do seven. But I do them very well.”

That sums up my approach to the art of magic.
Wait… you asked if I could show you how to do them? Sorry - no can do. Just read a book, buddy. It’s all in the books.

Thanks for showing up for the party!

Well…okay…YOU’RE dancing. nice legwork, too

Isn’t there any cake?

You know a bit too much about one way mirrors.
Congrats. And I’m fully clothed. And clutching my first diet pepsi of the day.

Boy, you ARE breaking the rules… ;j

Yer pal,

Three months, two weeks, four days, 14 hours, 10 minutes and 40 seconds.
4383 cigarettes not smoked, saving $547.95.
Life saved: 2 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 15 minutes.

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Great honk, sdimbert!!

As if it ain’t bad enough you’re spreading your joy here about your post party, you are breaking rule #1 by actually sending me an AIM message about it!!! Sheesh…

Okay, okay… [grumble grumble]

You get extra brownie points for having a picture taken in a similar pose as my Obfusciatrist. heh

Oh wait, and you get a second point for having designed the :wally smiley.

*Originally posted by Satan *

OK… OK… I’m getting there!

Don’t push me! I’m a little nervous. Remember going off the high-dive for the first time? I want the 500[sup]th[/sup] to be something worthy, y’know?

Well, nobody came to my party.


I guess next time I should buy the liquor.

::blows kazoo and throws confetti in the air::
Yipee. 500 posts. Wheee.
Thanks for coming. Both of you.
No… no. I’ll clean up.

I see you have the 500 now,
you did start it a little earlier,
so I waited for the BIG 500.

Can I come even if I don’t know you or anything about you?
You have the change to get to know me better.:wink:

Many Congratulations from Sweden.





Thank you, Thank you.

I know that I started the party early… I just felt like I should see if anyone was going to show up before I posted the 500[sup]th[/sup].

I found out alright…

What am I? Chopped liver?
Man! And I did all kinds of research and brought my drink and kept my clothes on…

It’s because I asked about the cake, isn’t it?

stuuter, don’t be silly! You were the first!

You’re mistaking my pathetic self-pity for something directed at you… nothing could be farther from the truth. I appreciate your effort and your good wishes.

You want to know the truth?

Satan and BagLady only showed up 'cause I invited 'em. :frowning: I was afraid that no one else was going to come.

Truth be told, I guess I just don’t have enought Mundane and Pointless stuff to Share; people here don’t know me as well. I usually hang out in GD… I wonder how well a Post Party would go over there?

sdimbert, I may have read one of your posts in GD, so I’ll help ya par-tay…

Congratulations on 500!