5000 Registered Members!


Where are they all? You can see what’s going on in here without registering, that means people register to post one or two replies and never come back? We can probably chalk up 40 or 50 to Troll babies, but still…

I’ve always felt more comfy with The Teeming Dozens, maybe a census is in order?

opus, I think some people just want to ask a question or two, and are content to leave it at that.

The Master List in ATMB that beatle so kindly has kept up to date had 290 names on it when I checked and printed it out today, with Unforgiven, Breckenshire, Just Ducky, Mary Hart’s Legs coming in to say they weren’t on the list.

beatle had the names in alphabetical order too, quite impressive and time consuming!

“Subconsciously there are many people you hate.” “Consciously,sir, consciously.” Yossarian corrected in an effort to help. “I hate them consciously.”

I’m bringing this back to the top so maybe number 5,000 can introduce him/herself.

Right now, the count is at 4,963.

When all else fails, ask Cecil.

Pssst! C’mere a sec!

324 huh? I think we need to fire up TSDMB street cleaner and sweep all these abandoned memberships into the waste bin.

I couldn’t help notice I’m not on the list. Do I have to shoot somebody to gain notoriety or what. Do I have to just check in to that thread with an official “prrrrrrresent!”?

Maybe it said what to do somewhere in the thread but the link took me to the sixth of seven pages.

When does the white pages version get published?

opus said:

That’s the way that thread operates. Go check in.

Uh,…on seeing that post I have to add, opus, don’t go shoot somebody - just post to the Master List thread.

#5,000 should sign up any minute now. Who will it be…?

When all else fails, ask Cecil.

Well, who was it???