Congrats Beatle, er, Ringo! 5,000 Posts as well!!!!

I saw in my thread for Eve, that Ringo (The Poster Formerly Known As Beatle) sits at 4,999. So here is HIS thread for 5,000!
Congratulations are in order!


bittersweet, no?

Congrats. Not telling you what to post, of course, but perhaps you would like to take the opportunity of post 5K to reflect on current events. :frowning:

Wow beatle, way to go ! Congrats you sweet thing you !

Since this is a party and I consider you a friend I’ve brought the beer. ::Drags in a wash-tub full of ice and guinness:: And here’s some nice buffalo wings ::hands the host 2 huge trays one with mild wings the other with hot:: Can someone go out to the car and get those two trays of potato skins ? Thanks.

I know this is a sad day because of George passing away, but I don’t think he would mind.

a rather disturbing sequential thread occurred to me just now. this thread was right above “George Harrisson is Dead”

Anyway, congrats Beat… Ringo!!

OK, I usually frown on post count parties, but seeing as how Ringo is one of my favorite geophysicists, I must drop by with a smooch! for the man.

Congtatulations, whatever your name is. That’s a great milestone. Hope you are around for another 5000.

Jim (who really knows your name is B…, I mean, Ringo)

Shazam! ‘Got me a post party goin’ on in here.

Aye, you have good taste in brew.

’babe, Jim, Twist, Spritle and our host, 812, thanks, I do appreciate the thoughts.

Current events? I’m hardly a repository of abiding wisdom, but I see the current conflict as a positive step in our collective maturation - the present unpleasantness is probably ultimately an advance in our continuing effort to learn to live together on this planet. Here comes the sun.

Congrats, Ringo! I’m really glad we didn’t have a “Ringo is Dead” Thread!!!

Congrats Ringo!

I’m sure rjk won’t mind if I give you a little kiss…


Oh, did I say little? :wink:

Congratulations on 5000 posts, hon, and not a clinker among 'em!

I am dragging the portable hot tub off the truck, setting it up in your backyard, filling it with water while I set up the portable massage table and the selection of scented oils. (I prefer vanilla, myself, but I am flexible) I am setting up the hors d’oeurve table and…oh, I see the hot tub is full…

I am hopping in and inviting the guest of honor in for some er…Tea and Sympathy okay? And if you don’t like THIS bikini, I am sure purrplebear will be along soon with a purple one.

Drinks are on Ay, so I think she deserves an invite too. So now, you are in a hot tub surrounded by beautiful women. [sub]and me[/sub] I would say that you are a very lucky man, except for the fact that you earned it! :slight_smile:

Much Love, adorable one!


NOT my favourite Beatle, alas, but quite a feat nevertheless. Worthy of a drum roll or two.

Ra-ta-ma-cue Ba Da Boom!

(for omni-not, fave or not - hey, so how many beatles have there been, anyway?)

Thanks Z-dear (you are one of my oldest friends on the board) and Trouble. And Scotti - Wow! That’s certainly appreciated - I just wish I shared your estimation of my posting history.