5th Harry Potter book

Anybody know anything about the 5th Harry Potter book? I know it’s supposedly going to be called “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” but can’t find much beyond that. Little Help? Rumors welcome.

(Possible Spoliers)
I’ve heard lots of rumors.

  • There will be a female Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. The specualtion is that she’s either Fleur Delacour or a witch we haven’t met yet, possibly Professor Lupin’s girlfriend/wife.
  • Professor Lupin will be back, and so will the real Mad Eye Moody.
  • Someone is going to die. Rowling is reported to have said that the death was a “big fan” of Harry’s, and that it was a very difficult death to write. My money is on Dobby to bite the big one, but other people seem to think it’ll be Hagrid.
  • Harry will go to a magical place he’s never been before. Possibly Godric’s Hollow (where James and Lily lived) or Azkaban (which I doubt. What would Harry have to do to get the Ministy to send him to Azkaban?)

Like I said, these are all rumors I heard. Check out www.cosforums.com for more. :slight_smile:

Phoenix: “I’ll have a beer and an order of fries.”

Harry Potter: “What do I look like, a waiter?”

Things we know to some degree of certainty, because Rowlign herself has actually said them:

[li]Book five will be scary. [/li][li]There will be more “boy/girl stuff.” [/li][li]We will learn why Voldemort killed Harry’s parents. [/li][li]We’ll learn something really important about Lily Potter. [/li][li]There will be a lot of older characters returning, including Lupin and Mad-Eye Moody. [/li][li]Ginny Wealsey will play a more important part in the story. [/li][li]There will be a female Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. [/li][li]We’ll learn a few surprising things about the Dursleys. [/li][li]We’ll learn more about Mrs. Figg. [/li][li]“In book five, we go into a whole new area, physically, an area you’ve never seen before, a magical world” [/li][li]“In book five (Harry) has to examine exactly what death means, in even closer ways.” [/li][li]A main character will die, Rowling refered to this person as one of Harry’s “fans.” [/li][/ul]

(List courtesy of this site).

I’m guessing it will be revealed that Minister Fudge is a bad guy - possibly the missing Death Eater. The way he summoned a dementor to administer the ultimate sanction against a prisoner who could have named names has me suspicious.

In a thinks-too-much hijack, I’m curious if anyone thinks Ms. Rowling has devoted any thought to the theory of magic.

Clearly, there are Muggles and Wizards, and it’s not a trivial inheritance process - wizard familes can produce Squibs; Muggle families can have Mudbloods. There is obviously something in some people, some factor of genetics, that produces a wizard. Like athletics, training can enhance a natural skill, and some people are naturally more gifted than others.

But what of the actual process? The wand, for example, seems necessary - but not always. Harry made the glass disappear at the zoo without a wand; Dumbledore changed the banners in the Great Hall to reflect a Gryffindor win without a wand. And potions seem to work without a wand - would they work as well if a Muggle obtained and mixed the ingredients?

How about the words? Accio Firebolt summons the broomstick Harry wants in GOF, but is the word Accio necessary? Must all wizards, no matter their native tongue, intone that particular set of syllables to start a Summoning Charm?

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AHHHHHHHHHH Spoiler Boxes, Spoiler Boxes!!!

But no-one’s answered the most important question: When will the damned thing come out???


One of my sisters works for Scholastic, the American publisher of the Harry Potter books. They’ve been told in 2003, but they don’t have a date yet. I heard that Rowling is ready to submit it, but I’m sure there’ll be editting to be done before printing.


Amp - sorry.

But I think that since the entire thread is about an unreleased book, it seems certain to contain spoilers.

Personally, I think the delay in releasing the fifth book is intentional. I think Rowling saw that a great many very young readers were getting into Harry Potter and she is waiting for them to grow a little bit older so they’ll be ready for the next big step in Harry’s own maturation … girls.

How could Fleur possibly be a defense against the Dark Arts teacher? First of all, she’s only 18. Second of all, sge’s not exactly portrayed as competent in GoF. Why is speculation always so implausible and random?

… I heard from a friend who heard from a neighbor who’s cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend once met somebody from England that the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher will be Mrs. Figg …

Oh… and I also read somewhere sometime that someone once said that when the cast was on Oprah Robbie Coltraine was asked if he had been signed on for all 7 movies and he said “sort of”, which naturally means that he must be signed on for all of the movies that Hagrid is in which also naturally must mean that Hagrid will die sometime before the last one…

(isn’t speculation fun?)

Anyone bidding on the Sotheby’s auction to get the notecard that Rowlings wrote 90some words about the new book on? I’m SURE that she’ll spill everything there.

I forget who Mrs. Figg is! Could someone remind me?

“But I think that since the entire thread is about an unreleased book, it seems certain to contain spoilers.”
I would think that a released book would be even more likely to contain spoilers (for those who haven’t read it).:wink:

On a slighly OT note do any of you think that not all seven books will get the movie treatment. On another thread that seemed to be the view of a few posters. I personally can’t see why; the books seem to getting more interesting and there is no sign of fans losing interest. I agree that the later movies probably won’t make as much money as the first film but there is a lot of room for them to make less and still make a healthy profit. It’s hard for me to see any Harry Potter movie making less than 300 million world-wide and that , along with video sales and merchandise should be enough for a very healthy profit.

That should be “a thread about a released book”.

I just thought that the thread was going to be about the realease date or the OP bitchin’ about it not being released yet. Carry on.


Depends. I don’t think they can do all seven books with the same cast (obviously, in the case of Harris). Columbus has already said that he doesn’t expect the three principal stars to devote their entire adolescence to the Harry Potter movies. And remember what happened last time a six+ part epic was promised (JarJar Binks!!)

Mrs. Figg is the old lady the Dursleys make Harry stay with when they don’t want to take him along with them. Harry complains that she smells bad and has lots of cats.

speculation: she’s some kind of magical and watches over Harry while he’s at the Dursleys. I believe it’s at the end of GOF when Harry wants to go home with the Weasleys instead of back tot he Dursleys and Dumbledore indicates that Harry is safe at the Dursleys… that’s why I speculate she’ll be the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Also, at the end of GoF, Dumbledore mentions an “Arabella Figg” in his list of people he wants Sirius to get in touch with to start fighting Voldemort.

I’ve been told by my 12 year old son, who heard it from a friend, who read it on the internet, that Hermione is the one who is going to die in the 5th book. So of course, coming from an anonymous adolescent’s internet surfing, it must be true. I try to stop him, but he insists on telling everyone who has ever heard of Harry Potter that Hermione is going to die.

singing REO Speedwagon now…Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another…

Well, since I thought Hagrid would be the one to die in GoF, instead of Cedric, I’ll keep my bet on him for book 5.

I’m skeptical about there being 7 movies. Somehow, I can’t think of too many series that succesfully survived major cast changes. Bond, and Star Wars. That’s about it, I think.

I fear it will be more like Addams Family Reunion or Batman & Robin. <shudder>