Harry Potter: Final book

Its not really a spoiler, as its about a future book that hasn’t even been finished yet. Still, if you don’t want advanced speculation about the final book, turn back now…

Was just reading this article and it seems that “two characters will die” in the final book…and that Harry may not survive either. Just curious how folks will feel about that…


Voldemort and the Werewolf guy. What do I win? Err…guess bad guys don’t count.

With Dumbledore gone, Snape has moved to the top of the “characters most likely to end up on the wrong end of a death curse” list. He’ll show his true colors and do something suitably heroic (save Malfoy or Harry?) and then get fried by Voldie in retaliation.

Harry will live. It’s still an adventure story for children after all, I can’t see the main character kicking it. Ditto Hermoine and Ron.

Not sure who the second death will be. Someone important the readers care about to up the stakes for the final confrontation. Prof Mcgonagal or a Weasly maybe?

I disagree. I think one of them will get toasted. I don’t get a vibe that J.K. Rowling respects the need or desire to have it all end nicely. I think she wants to make a big statement re the seriousness of good vs evil and I think one of the three will buy it. I’d put my money on Ron being the one to go.

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I agree with astro, though it breaks my heart to do so. (Not because it’s astro I’m agreeing with him, but because I’m particularly fond of Ron Weasely.) And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Harry snuffed it, too, though if Ron goes, then I think it’s more likely for Harry to live. Y’know, so he can suffer and it can all be suitably gothic and/or Dickensian.

As to how I feel about it, I can’t exactly say that it makes me happy or I’m looking forward to characters I’ve followed across six previous books dying. I mean, I’d even be sad if Snape died at this point, and he’s a bastard of debatable moral fiber. But at the end of the day, it’s just a book and I’m not going to hold a grudge over it, though some people will. Oh lord, will some people hold a grudge over who dies in this book, which I’m actually looking forward to, in a weird trainwreck, pretty-flashing-ambulances kind of way.

I agree with Astro too, but then, I predicted Ron would buy it in the speculation thread. On the other hand, though I expect Voldemort to die (unless the rumors that she might maybe possibly write books with grown-up Harry are true) I don’t think he counts. Hagrid, maybe? It better not be Neville!

I can see Neville dying, after doing something super-heroic that finally proves that he deserves to be a Gryffindor. Hagrid dying would be a major bummer. Ron or Hermione dying would be a major, major bummer, and worst of all I can easily imagine a dozen scenarios where either or both of them might get killed. I also think that Ginnie might get offed. She and Harry have fallen in love. It’s possible that the Death Eaters might get wind of this and try to use Ginnie against Harry.

Rowling has specifically denied my idea that Lupin will be killed by Wormtail and his silver hand, but I still think that Lupin might well end up dying. He just seems to have an air of tragedy around him; I have a very hard time imagining any sort of happy ending for him.

As for whether Harry lives or dies, I have no freakin’ clue.

My WAG is that Hermione and Ron snuff it. Rowling said, 2 major characters, right? “Evil doesn’t target extras.”
I just can’t see Harry dieing-because Rowling has made the books about good vs evil and the triumph of good (and the constant battle against evil).

Then again, it does sound like Neville has got to go. I hope not–there are times I like Neville more than Harry!

Isn’t the whole point of Harry’s existence that his parents died to save him? He could sacrifice himself to save others as part of that same theme.

HOw do ghosts figure into the mythos/canon? There are ghosts at the school, what would prevent a major character getting whacked and returning as a ghost?

The first thing my sleepy brain heard from the radio this morning was “Dead” and “J.K. Rawlings.”

I woke up in a hurry.

They address is in an earlier book.

After Sirius dies, Harry asks Nearly Headless Nick about whether Sirius might come back as a ghost. NHN tells Harry that being a ghost is only for people who aren’t willing to let go, and that it’s really not a great experience, on the whole. He then says something about how Sirius was not the kind of person to hold on to a half existence or something. In any case, I think that JKR has said many times that dead is dead, and Sirius (and presumably Dumbledore, and any other majors who die) are dead.

My money’s on Voldemort being killed by Snape, who dies in the effort.

I have said it before- *Dumbledore is not dead. * In fact, in her interview, Rowling hints as much “One character got a repreive.” Dumbledore has just finished telling Draco that they had a way to protect Draco by faking his death.

I think it’s a given that one of the characters who dies has to be Voldemort. Rowling says “there has to be a price,” though, so I take that to mean that one of the other major characters will have to be a sacrifice. That could mean either a “good” character (Ron, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid, Neville?) or a “bad” character who redeems himself (Snape, Malfoy?).

I get a little bit of a sense from reading the article that she may not have quite decided yet but that she isn’t ruling anybody out at this point.

I don’t take her suggestion that Harry might be the one to go very seriously, though. If she wrote the final chapter in 1990, I can’t believe Harry’s fate would not have already been mentioned in it. I think she’s probably just being coy and doesn’t want the audience to think that anybody is safe.

My personal WAG is that there will be a redemptive sacrifice by Snape.

“One character got a repreive.”

Uh, that’s clearly in the context of her writing in deciding which characters were going to DIE.

Face it:
-Dumbledore is dead
-Snape is good and has been all along
-Harry is/is part of a Horcrux

Who snuffs it next? MS FIGG MUST DIE!!!

Don’t say things like that. J.K. Rowling is absolutely not allowed to die until she finishes this book. If I have to, I’ll dig her up myself and reanimate her.

I wonder if her husband pesters her for spoilers. I know I would.

I am not an avid fan, but I’ve read them.
Why so much about someone “dead” hanging out in someone else’s body? I think Harry is providing an unknown haven for him.

She didn’t just say that “two characters will die”, but that two characters who she didn’t originally plan to kill off die. That almost certainly eliminates Voldemort from consideration(I’m not saying that he’s not going to die, but Voldemort’s fate is what JKR’s been building up to for years, so I rather doubt she’d change her mind at this stage).

My first thoughts were that it was Herminone and Ron who get the axe, and it was either Snape or Malfoy who got the reprieve.

Can you be more clear? I have no idea what on earth you’re referring to.

Regarding Harry dying or not, didn’t she say that the last sentence was going to be about Harry reaching up and touching his forehead where the scar was? I seem to remember that, and that implies Harry is still alive.