$6.6 Billion Simply Stolen From Iraq War Funds

What a clusterfuck.

Ah but don’t worry, it’s not out money, it’s the Iraqis own money from their oil sales. We just mismanaged the shit out of it for them, meaning we’ll probably get sued by the Iraqi government.

Man, that war was awesome!

Tell me again how Republicans are good with money…

I bet we could make a lot of it back if we sold little bits of Bush, Cheney and Rummy on EBay.

However, I’m sure that the people responsible for this were well qualified, since they no doubt were Republican donors and had the proper opinion on abortion - which is they way they seemed to staff the Green Zone.

While I’m not supporting the war in Iraq, this kind of clusterfuck happens while either party is in charge.

Medicare fraud: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/23/60minutes/main5414390.shtml



While there is no solid concensus on exactly how much, the estimate are still much greater than 6.6 billion.

I am not defending bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior, I want it all cleaned up.

I just object to painting the Republicans (only) to blame here. Oversight of Federal money is a bipartisan (or nonpolitical, if you will) duty, IMO.

Bureaucrats who disburse federal funds are nonpartisan civil service appointees. Not everything shitty in the world is the fault of Dick Cheney.

The real crime here is that the assfaced OP linked to a worthless blog post instead of the actual fucking article.

If you have a better way of setting up client states in a geopolitically vital area the USG is all ears.

Can’t imagine anybody paying for that – hell, between the cats and the dog they gotta make at least 2 or 3 pounds of shit a day.

So I wonder how much the US government waste on a yearly basis all by itself?

Nevermind, I don’t want to know.

Yeah, but at least most of what’s wasted stays here. It mostly goes to individuals and corporations in the US, who can at least spend it or save it. That type of waste is the equivalent of a stimulus, regardless of the intent. When it’s lost in another country, it’s the equivalent of pissing it away.

But it wasn’t America’s money in the first place: it was Iraq’s money. Some of it may have stayed in Iraq, but it seems likely that at least some was stolen by Americans. It was supposed to stimulate the Iraqi economy, but who knows where it finished up.

Rule the First: Never, ever try to create a client state.

Rule the Second: If you are too goddamn stupid to follow the first rule, then never, ever try build a client state out of a nation you neither know nor understand, and who’s general indigenous population hates your guts.

Not a few years ago they weren’t:

Not really. Lots of people left the federal government out of embarrassment or moral outrage with the Bush Administration, and they stuffed the federal agencies with their own people. They only wanted the corrupt and incompetent.

Probably right where we intended it to, in the hands of Bush cronies. Nothing we did in Iraq was to benefit them in any way, any more than a mugger intends to benefit his victim.

Yes I’m sure Bush and his Cabinet laughed sadistically as they delibrately calculated how many Iraqi civilians would di8e and how much money they stole. Hey maybe they stole Christmas too. :rolleyes:

Better known as Vizzini’s Iocane: Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

It would be perfectly in keeping with their their personalities to just do that. They are mass murderers and torturers, as well as vandals & thieves on a grand scale. Utter vermin.

Look, all they did was fly billions of dollars in untraceable cash to a war-ravaged, corruption-ridden country. Who could have expected anything to go wrong?!

You forgot to point out that they also stomp kittens, impregnated Octo-mom, and stole the magic moment from Taylor Swift’s award.

That would actually be better than appointing people with zero experience to manage and disburse funds in Iraq, blindly ignoring any and all consequences of handing out large sums of cash to people without any documentation.

And yes, I would expect that any occupation would include estimates of civilian deaths and “shrinkage”. Bush/Cheney complicated this by deliberately turning a blind eye to the consequences. Bush achieved his goal of being a war president and Cheney got his Halliburton et all buddies their contracts.

The occupation authority was full of political functionaries with thin resumes and little to no relevant experience wrt to their jobs. Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” offers a good overview of this.

The sad thing is, this doesn’t even rate a spot in the Top 10 most stupid things done by that administration…